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Have you always wondered where everyone else got those cool mouse pads from with pictures of their children, the sea view from their hotel room on their last island vacation, or a cute cat photo? Then apparently you haven’t heard of us yet, it must be your lucky day! At caseable you can have your mouse pad printed with pictures or any design you want.

You can either fall back on one of the many designs in our shop or you can choose your individual motif. The best part - it’s super easy:

1. Select the white mousepad to be taken to the custom design portal..

2. Upload your favorite picture that we should print on your mousepad.

3. If necessary, add text or a date to spice up artwork even more.

4. Submit the order. In a few days you should receive the custom mouse pad with your favorite photo!

Of course, you can also choose one of the many designs from our shop: We have a range of trendy designs waiting to be selected by you for your new mouse pad. The selection couldn't be more diverse. From floral-feminine designs to trendy marble designs to funny animal illustrations, everything is there! Have a look around and find the design you want to create your mousepad with!

Why is a mouse pad so important?

Just like you protect your notebook when you carry it around with a laptop bag or a MacBook case, you should do the same with your mouse. And even if your computer mouse uses lasers, it’s still advisable to use a mouse pad - in some cases even essential! On a glass table, for example, the mouse beam cannot scan movement - you definitely need a mouse pad here. It goes without saying that the mouse pad also makes your life a lot easier on all other surfaces.

The right mouse pad will perfect how precisely you can move the mouse cursor over the monitor. The less unevenness there is on the surface, the more precisely the cursor moves because the movements can be scanned more accurately and transferred to the screen. Therefore, it’s important for a mouse pad to be dirt-repellent and easy to clean, so that it stays flat. Our mousepads have the dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches (21.5cm * 28.0cm), which are the ideal specifications for your requirements in the office or at home.