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Silicone Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15
Eco Friendly Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15
Eco Friendly Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15
Recycled Silicone Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15

iPhone 15 cases from caseable - give your new iPhone a stylish look

It's hard to believe, but it has already become September 2023, and thus the month in which Apple already introduces its 15th generation of iPhones. There are four different models again this year, among which Apple iPhone 15 is the standard model. We offer you different types of iPhone 15 cases. This way you can protect your smartphone from a broken display from the very beginning and make sure that you don't risk annoying scratches or even a broken display in the very first days. If you have chosen one of the other three models, you can find the matching phone cases here:

Decide on your ideal iPhone 15 phone case

Depending on what you particularly value in a phone case, you should choose the product from our range that best suits it. Should the case be extra slim or very robust? Or is the issue of sustainability most important to you? We offer you different variants of iPhone 15 cases. You are sure to find the right model for you:

iPhone 15 Hard Shell Case

The standard cases in the range promise exactly what is important for protection: They defy sharp objects and cushion well in case of drops. The hard shell phone cases are simply attached to your Apple iPhone 15 with a click. 

iPhone 15 Premium Case

Our premium cases are visually very similar to the hard shell cases at first, but they consist of two layers altogether, so the second layer has a shock-absorbing effect in case of drops.

iPhone 15 Silicone Case

Our silicone case is the thinnest version of our Apple iPhone 15 cases. It is elastic and simply slips over the back of the iPhone. You can order it clear, so you can see the design of your smartphone through it. 

Recycled iPhone 15 Silicone Case

The iPhone 15 silicone case is also available in a recycled version. This way you don't only do something good for your iPhone, but also for the environment.

Eco-Friendly iPhone 15 Case

Just as environmentally friendly are our sustainable iPhone 15 cases, which are made from renewable raw materials. Besides the classics white and black, you can buy them in two other bright colors (purple and green).

You can also order a practical phone lanyard from us. With this you can turn any iPhone 15 case into a necklace case to hang around your iPhone - so it can't fall down anymore.. 

Customize your Apple iPhone 15 case now

You can also customize some of our cases with your own images and photos. For example, if you have chosen a hard case or a premium phone case, you can not only choose from numerous motifs in our store, but also design your iPhone 15 phone case yourself. This is how it works:

Step 1: Choose the phone case you want to design

Choose one of the iPhone 15 cases for which we offer the option of customization. Have the image file ready that you want to use as a motif.

Step 2: Design your custom iPhone 15 case

In our design tool, you can now place the image on the desired Apple iPhone 15 phone case the way you like it best.

Step 3: Complete your order

Afterwards you only have to put the designed product into the shopping cart and complete the order. We produce the cover especially for you and send it directly to you.