Marble is a long beloved material that exudes high-quality and taste. It has always been a status symbol, but recently it's been experiencing a bit of a rennaisance and is seen adorning all sorts of home-goods and accessories. We think it's time to lux up your tech with a gorgeous marble design on your case. Our shop offers several marble patterns to choose from when protecting your devices. Pick your favorite, and add a bit of class to your case!

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Marble Phone Case, Laptop Sleeves & many more - Check out our incredible selection!

Few designs are as timeless as Marble. An elegant pattern such as Marble oozes style, quality and, of course, luxury. Marble is a status symbol for high-quality and taste. Although Marble has been used for hundreds of years on floors, sculptures and staircases, in recent times, it has experienced a renaissance and can be seen decorating all sorts of home-goods and accessories. With all this in mind, we think it's time to add luxury to your tech with a gorgeous Marble Phone Case.

iPhone with White Marble Phone Case

Our artists Amy Sia and Emanuela Carratoni have both contributed some of their amazing and breath-taking Marble Designs to our collection. We’ve have also incorporated designs from our brilliant in-house design team. The mix between the internal and external designers has produced an inspired collection!

Marble Phone Case: Colours to suit all tastes!

Like marble rock itself, every single design in the collection offers its own mystery and exerts its own very special aesthetic. At caseable we know that everyone has their own personal preference for what colors look the best. With our blue, green, pink and yellow marble designs, we have colorful motifs that suit all tastes. We also, of course, offer the classic and elegant variants in black and white. Whatever your preference, the perfect marble design is in the collection, waiting for you.

Each marble design can be combined with the tech device you have!

At caseable, we not only offer designs for Marble Phone Cases, we also do Marble laptop cases, tablet cases, echo skins and many more. Once you have chosen one of the beautiful marble designs and completed your order, we will produce the case then send it directly to your home in no time at all. As you may know, our newly designed shop allows you to find your device quicker than ever. In addition to the Marble cases, we also offer a huge collection of well-known brands and devices. Why not check out one of other trendy collections, such as the joyful Flamingo collection. If you fancy one of most popular designs, visit our Best Sellers collection. Why not just have a look around?