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Samsung Galaxy A50 cases: Protect the proven winner among mid-range smartphones

The long wait has ended. With the release of the Galaxy A50, the South Korean company has once again outdone itself, proving why it’s the top-selling smartphone manufacturer in the world. Thanks to the extra-large 6.4-inch AMOLED display with an FHD + resolution, the optical fingerprint scanner integrated in the display, its triple camera and its low weight, the newcomer has become a heroic figure in the world of smartphones.

The design also makes a convincing sell. The slim all-rounder is available in four different colors and is sure to suit your taste. To ensure that you keep your new smartphone looking good for a long time to come, you should also buy a matching Samsung Galaxy A50 case, as nothing is more annoying than a broken display - especially when the cell phone is brand new!

Your perfect phone case for the Samsung Galaxy A50

For peace of mind knowing that your companion is safely protected, we offer you a selection of Samsung Galaxy A50 cases, which also provide an extra dose of style. For example, you can opt for a silicone phone case that, thanks to its ultra-slim design, is super easy to grip and hugs the casing of your smartphone. With thisSamsung Galaxy A50 mobile phone case, your style stays on point.

In addition to the mobile phone cases, we also offer a practical ring holder for your Samsung Galaxy A50. This protective accessory sticks onto the back of your device (or on the attached case). Once attached, you can fold the eye-catching ring up and put your finger through it so that your cell phone will be protected from drops and falls.

Get a custom Samsung GalaxyA50 case!

At caseable, you can design your Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile phone case with your very own design. Simply upload the photo of your choice and place it on the case in your preferred format. If you don't have your own photo at hand, you can also fall back on a variety of stunning designs in our shop. Thanks to the simple filtering, you can narrow down your selection and select the perfect design for your Samsung Galaxy A50 case.

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