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Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing Phone (1) Cases by caseable - Nothing Is More Stylish!

Since the Nothing Phone (1) was announced, a real hype has broken out about it! It should be a real smartphone revolution: And at least visually it is. But the first Nothing Phone can also score with its technology: A convincing camera, the (really revolutionary) glyph lighting and a high display quality are just a few of the advantages. Reason enough to quickly find a matching Nothing Phone (1) case, so that you can enjoy your new smartphone for a long time to come. Our clear phone cases are making sure you always have a look at the glyph lighting.

Slim silicone for your Nothing Phone (1) case

So that the elegant design of your Nothing Phone doesn't have to be sacrificed, our matching mobile phone cases are made of silicone: This fits super snugly on your smartphone, giving it the necessary protection against scratches, bumps or water drops, but does not make it thicker. So you can continue to carry it in your trouser pocket as normal without it looking very bulky.

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