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How to Redeem your Voucher

Step-by-Step Guide for entering the coupon code

When do I apply the coupon code?
First, unlock your Caseable voucher code at, our trusted redemption partner (see how in the video above). After that, ensure that you've selected the United States as your country. Once you've chosen a design for your Tablet Smart Case and added it to the shopping cart, you can apply the code in the cart.

Is the coupon code case-sensitive?
No, it will still work with lower and upper case. Please note, code exists of letters only.

How to know if your coupon code been accepted
At the shopping cart, if the coupon code has been accepted a ‘Discount Applied $XX.XX’ message appears. At the shopping cart and checkout, the grand total has been adjusted. The Coupon code is displayed. At the checkout, no payment information is required. The Tablet Smart Case is displayed in the checkout.

How to know if your coupon code has not been accepted
At the shopping cart, if the coupon code has not been accepted a ‘Enter a valid discount code’ message appears.

If that happens, make sure that:

a) you selected the correct country (US) in the top section of the page. Coupon codes will only be accepted if they are applied in the correct country.
b) you selected the correct Tablet Smart Case. Coupon codes will only be accepted if they are applied to the correct case.

How to order your Tablet Smart Case with Your Own Design.

Step-by-Step Guide for ordering your Tablet Smart Case with a customized Design.

Step 1:
Scroll to the top right of the page and select your device with the help of the search.

Step 2:
Select the Create Your Own design in the top row of the collection.

Step 3:
Upload your image(s):

Drag and drop your image or click on “Choose image to upload”. In order to proceed, please read and accept the terms and conditions.

+ Avoid blurry or obscured prints by using images with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Step 4:
By using the “move” buttons, you can now change the positioning of the image, rotate it, or zoom in or out. Optionally, you can now add a text, decide on its position, and choose from 3 font sizes, 3 fonts, as well as 5 font colors. 

Step 5:
When everything is to your liking, add your design to the cart.

Step 6:
Review your order, apply your coupon code and proceed to the checkout.

Step 7:
Enter your information, then click continue to shipping.

Step 8:
Review information, continue to payment

Step 9:
If needed, enter payment information and billing address and continue to review and confirm your order

Step 10:
Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll receive an confirmation email which will contain tracking information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Checkout and Delivery

Do I need to enter both the billing and shipping address if they are the same?

No, if your coupon code worked, you don’t have to enter any payment/billing information.

Why am I being prompted to enter a payment method?
+ Your coupon code has not been accepted.
+ You have added more than one product to the shopping cart.

How can I check the order has been successfully placed?
Once you click "Complete order", the page will automatically update and your order number will appear at the top of the page.
You will receive an order confirmation email.

When will I know the order has been shipped?
You will receive a shipping email which will provide you information about how to track your order.

Are shipping and handling costs included in the coupon code?
Yes, the coupon code will deduct shipping and handling costs.

Why am I charged shipping costs anyway?
For technical reasons this may occur at times. If you review your order and shipping costs are added to your total, please try the following steps:

1. please open another browser or clear your cookies and cache
2. please choose your case and then go straight to cart, without adding any further items.
3. Avoid using the PayPal Express button

If all of the above fails to solve your issue and shipping costs are still charged, please write to to get the shipping costs refunded.

What is the shipping method for the United States?
UPS Mail Innovations is the shipping method and will be automatically selected once the coupon code has been applied.

Where can I find the tracking number?
It will be displayed in the shipping email which you will receive once your order has been produced and shipped.

How can I track the order?
Once you receive the shipping email, use the tracking number and visit the website of your shipping couriers.

Why does my order not contain a tracking number?
Orders without a tracking number have been received, however tracking is limited on some selected logistic providers.
The order will arrive within the next 10 days.