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Ring Holder

Practical and beautiful.

Works as mobile phone stand.

Compatible with every phone model.

Upload your own photo.

Create your own Ring Holder with your photos or designs.

Great design selection.

The best designs to match your style.

Ring Holder - Keep your smartphone under control!

With the sleek mobile phone rings from caseable you not only give your smartphone a style update, but also equip your device with additional protection. Because the cell phone ring is simply glued to your cell phone case, it stays firm and secure. Fold the ring up and put your finger through the ring opening and your cell phone is safely secured in your hand and cannot fall off. 

The mobile phone rings can not only be used as additional protection against falls, but are also ideally suited as mobile phone stands. They can be rotated at an angle of 180 ° so that you can set up your smartphone in landscape format in front of you, a great feature if you are on the road for a long time and want to watch a film. Practical, protective, and stylish!

If you ever change your cell phone, you can also attach the cell phone ring to your new smartphone - it’s compatible with every model. So if you switch from an older to a new iPhone model, you can, for example, remove the ring from your iPhone 13 case and attach it to your new iPhone 14 case - or directly on the back of the device.

Wide selection of designs for your new cell phone ring!

Our ring holders allow you to match your smartphone perfectly, and you can get yours in numerous different designs. You can even get the same design on your ring holder as your phone case! We offer you many of our designs not only for the different cover models of our smartphones, but also as designs for the surface of the ring. Perhaps you fell in love with one of the beautiful marble designs? Then get the same design printed on the cell phone ring and combine the two for a perfect match!

But that's not all! As you know, you can use your own photos to design your own cell phone cases with us - this is now possible with the new cell phone rings. Simply upload the image you want and we’ll get it printed in ultra HD quality on your new cell phone ring. If you like, you can even add initials or a short sentence. It couldn't be more individual!