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Dress Your Star from the Y Series in a Special Wiko Case

caseable offers phone Cases for many Wiko smartphone models, including fun Cases for the colorful Y series. Each of the devices from the Y series has been given a hip, young name to show off its dynamic side. For example, the Phablet Wiko Robby, which shines with its enormously large display and dual speakers. Perhaps you need to protect the beautiful metal housing of your stunning Lenny 3, to keep up the sleek look? Explore our Wiko Phone Cases, and find your perfect fit! We have curated our own collections with our favorite designs, to help you choose your best match in a snap.
Find the most beautiful Wiko phone Case for your smartphone model, for example the U FEEL. It is one of the most popular Wiko smartphones, and is perfect for everyone. The phone can be personalized to suit your needs, and takes seconds to set up. The fingerprint scanner can recognize up to five different fingerprints, and you can assign each to a different function. Want to open your music app? Need to place an important call? Assign each of these actions to a different fingerprint! You can even handover access to your Wiko Smartphone by scanning another imprint. In order to use this wonderful device for a long time, you should protect it with one of our Wiko Cases.

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Wiko Phone Case – Innovative Covers for Your Wiko Smartphone

In 2011, the innovative French company Wiko was founded in Marseilles, and quickly became a player in the smartphone market. It’s no wonder – all Wiko smartphones boast unique functions and offer what other manufacturers lack: the ability to customize your smartphone and perfectly tailor it to suit your needs! In addtion, they are fantastic looking phones. To keep up the great aesthetics, your Wiko smartphone needs a stylish, protective cover. We offer a lot of unique and exciting designs for our Wiko Cases. There truly is a design for everyone!

Choose an Artist Design for your Wiko Case

In order to maintain the brand’s artistic-French style, we offer you great Wiko Cases from artists from all over the world. Every design can be printed on any of our Wiko Phone Cases – just pick your favorite! Check out our large variety of designs, and choose the one that best suits your personality and your life.

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Design Your Own Wiko Case Now!

We give you the option to design your Wiko Case with your favorite photos and personal designs with our design tool. With the big screen of the Robby, you can take great photos and print them out for your Case! No matter what you device – with a Wiko Case from caseable, your phone is always protected.

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