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One Half of a Whole

If you’ve got someone who is the pea to your pod, the grape jelly to your peanut-butter, the Bonnie to your Clyde, check out our One Half of a Whole cases. Only complete when together, these cases are perfect for anyone who loves to share and be together with their loved ones. Find your favorite design, and each of your chosen cases will be half of a whole. You’ll know they will always be thinking about you when they look at these beautiful designs!
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Create Your Own

Nothing is as personal as a customized case with a sweet picture of you and your partner! You can use your favorite photo of the two of you – your first New Years together, a fun vacation, any photo you love, and have it created into a case with ease! If you’re having trouble choosing just one – no worries – you can quickly create a collage with our design tool! Use filters and add text to write a super special message this Valentine’s Day.
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Things She Likes

Looking for a gift for the special lady in your life? caseable is here to help! We have put together designs she is sure to love! Browse our collection to find something to help her protect her favorite device in style. Whether she is attached to her smartphone, can’t go anywhere without her Kindle, or always on the go with her laptop, you can help her keep things protected while looking great. We know she will appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift that is both useful and beautiful!
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Things He Likes

caseable has put together a collection to help you find the perfect case for the man in your life for Valentine’s Day. We have cases for any device he could possibly need protection for – his smartphone, iPad, Kindle, or laptop! Whether he is a fan of galaxies far, far away, or enjoys more abstract or geometric designs, caseable has got a look that he will love. Get your guy something that he will be able to use daily, that also looks great – get him an amazing case for his favorite device.
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Couple Looks

Since caseable offers all designs for all of our cases, why not go for a matching look? Get the same design to create a cool couple look. Choose your favorite design, and get it for your smartphone and a laptop, a Kindle and a MacBook, whichever devices you want covered, you can get the same look for! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get a set of cases to protect your favorite devices, and to create a new couple look for the two of you!
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Quotes for Singles

You don’t have to be in a relationship to treat yourself (or a fellow single friend!) to a new case this Valentine’s Day. Show off your single status proudly through your case! If you are looking forward to 75% off holiday chocolate on February 15th, these cases are for you! Avoid any uncomfortable encounters -like being hit on when you don’t want to be - and let your case do the talking this Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that is meant to always be romantic, often involving giving flowers, chocolates, and going on elaborate dates with your love. Candied hearts, baby cherubs in pink and red, and chocolate everything are all classic Valentine’s Day images. Valentine’s Day is a great time to get a thoughtful gift for someone that you love – even if that’s yourself! caseable’s Valentine’s Day collections will help you find the perfect case!

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