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Get Political with caseable’s Election 2016 designs!


Election Day 2016 is approaching – We hope you’re registered to vote! With this crazy presidential election season coming to an end, it’s finally time to decide. Obama’s run is almost over, and we’ve got two presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Democrat or Republican. Politician or businessman. Are you ready to hit the polls on November 8th? Show off how you’re voting with one of caseable’s Election 2016 designs! Support your future President and put their face on your case.

Customize your Own Election designs with our Create Your Own tool!

Protect your device while making a political statement! Keep your device safe and avoid the “who’s got your vote?” question with caseable’s US Election 2016 Collection! Whether you stand with Hillary, Donald or the fan favorite Pizza, no one will need to ask again! If you’re undecided, why not outfit your iPhone 6s with Hillary Clinton, and your iPad Air 2 with Trump? We may not know how the election will turn out, but we do know that your smartphone, tablet or laptop will remain safe and stylish. Create your own campaign slogan with our Create Your Own tool to make an even louder statement!


Who would make a better President? Are you convinced that neither candidate would make a good POTUS? Do you feel that assorted inanimate objects are more qualified? Would you trust your lunch more than our choice of presidential candidates? Look no further than the man with a plan, Mr. Pizza. Ready to please your taste buds and fill your stomach, Mr. Pizza is reliable, trustworthy, and would never let you down. Available for all our devices, Mr. Pizza guarantees your device is safe from bumps and scratches. Get involved with our Facebook poll, and show us who you think should be the President of the United States – Clinton, Trump, or Mr. Pizza!