Use Your Children’s Drawings as a Design for Your Case

Parents are always proud of their little ones! We are overjoyed at their first words, are on constant alert for their first steps, and show off all of their (undeniably) beautiful artwork. Seeing your child’s artwork change and progress while they grow is a great way to see how their little mind sees the world. With caseable, you can take your child’s artwork and turn it into a phone or laptop case that you get to show off to everyone. Use a different piece of art for each of your new cases, you can even add a bit of text so you remember when the original painting was made! Use your child’s artwork to create the most unique case today!

How it works:

1. Picture Choose the kids drawing you'd like to see on your case and upload it in the design tool. You can even create a collage with different artworks from your kids!

2. Blank Case Place the drawing or painting(s) onto the white outline of the case, and then arrange them to the position you like the best. You can even choose a different picture to use on the front and back of a Laptop Sleeve or Tablet cover.

3. Optimize After arranging the images to suit your liking, you can add our provided filters or add a bit of text within the design tool – you can add the artist’s name and date to always remember! Once you are happy with your design, you can place the order directly.

4. Result We do our best to get you your special new case as quickly as possible. We are sure you will love the outcome, and that your child will love knowing Mom or Dad are constantly carrying around a piece of their own art always.

Smartphone Cases with your children’s drawings are not only great for parents, but also make beautiful gifts for grandparents! caseable offers a huge variety of smartphone brands and models, so there is sure to be your desired device. In addition to all of our smartphone case options, we offer customisable laptop, eReader, and tablet cases. You can even design your own Amazon Echo skin!.

Designs for Your Child – caseable’s Kids Collection

Do you read to your kids from your eReader? Are your children constantly stealing your smartphone or tablet to play games? Are you looking for a protective cover, but you don’t have any digital copies of your kid’s artwork? Explore our Kids Collection and find designs perfect for kids. Some of our international artists have created fantastic artworks for children, which we are sure your kids will love. Click through the collection and find your favourite today!