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Olé – The flag of your team as a design on your case

Don’t you want to show everyone which team you want to be the Cup-winner? Then design your own fan phone case. Whether you are a supporter of the American national team or your heart beats for another country: In our flag collection, you will find it all and can have the flag of your favorite team printed on your phone case to show your support. A cool gadget to have in your fan collection! Of course, we have the national flags of the Soccer Cup available for all our products range. We also offer laptop sleeves, tablet and eReader cases or skins for your Amazon Echo. Wouldn’t it be awesome, if your echo announces the victory of your team decorated in your national flag?
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The Soccer cup is just around the corner; as a true Soccer fan, don’t you want to be well prepared? Then check out our great designs that we’ve prepared for the most popular Soccer championship: If you have your devoted Soccer design on your phone case, you will have it with you everywhere and you surely wouldn’t forget it at home when you go to public viewings.

It’s time for the Müller magic – Will he take the Cup home again?

The beloved German Soccer player, Thomas Müller, will play again on the field at the Soccer Cup 2018. We’re already curious if the sympathetic striker of the German team can take the title home again. Four years ago, he scored 3 goals against Portugal in the first group match and set off a brilliant opening. Even in the previous Soccer Cup, when the title didn’t go to his team, he was a top goalscorer. Are you a fan of the Soccer champions? Then get yourself one of the great designs of the successful Soccer player on your case! Again, you can choose among our entire product range and get your electronic device a "jersey" by Thomas Müller.
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