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Midnight Marble

by caseable Designs

In addition to our great artists' designs, we also offer you mobile phone designs created by us. Time after time, we develop great new trend motifs to turn your smartphone into a stylish eye-catcher. For example, Midnight Marble, currently the most popular caseable design. But not only us, many of the international artists in our portfolio have fallen in love with Marble motifs. Hence, we offer you a whole collection.

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Dialogue with the Sky

by Joy StClaire

Whether floral patterns, colorful flower worlds or feminine, fine photographs like Dialogue with the sky by Joy StClaire, they are all especially popular with our female customers. You can find a lot of playful flower designs in the specially designed collection as well as under the designs of the artist Joy StClaire, who specializes in nature photography.

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Bird of Paradise

by Mark Ashkenazi

Bird of Paradise by Mark Ashkenazi, who's offers a wide and varied range of designs, has also been among the bestsellers for a long time now. In our tropical collection, in addition to this popular, colorful design, you will also find many other works of our artists. Get inspired!

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Rise of the Witches

by Lisa Parker

Rise of the Witches, the cute cat motif of our artist Lisa Parker has made it to the front. Lisa mostly deals with the themes of fantasy and magic in her art. Because no one can resist a cute little kitten, we of course offer a whole collection of smartphone designs with cats.

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Ornate Elephant

by Bioworkz

The Ornate Elephant has been one of the most popular mobile phone designs in our store for years. The detailed elephant design is only one of the great black and white motifs of the artist BIOWORKZ. On his artist page you will find a large selection of other designs. In addition, we have put together a lot of other Black & White motifs of other artists to a collection.

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Your individual design

by yourself

We are known not only for our appealing designs, but also for you being able to design your own mobile phone design with us. Just upload your favorite photo in the design tool and let it be printed on the case the way you like it best - Be inspired by our #rockthecase community!

Create your own smartphone design Get inspo from our community