Samsung Galaxy S8+ Hard Cases

If you like to keep the sleek-look of your smartphone, while still protecting it from the bumps and scratches that happen in everyday life, look no further than caseable’s Samsung Galaxy S8+ Hard Cases. Created using molded plastic, these Cases snap into place, adding a stylish design to your already stylish device. The wrap-around print means that there will be no harsh edges to your chosen design. These Samsung Galaxy S8+ Cases are designed to give you complete access to all of the phone’s features while the Case is on. caseable uses an innovative Heat Sublimation technique that ensures your chosen design will be fade- and scratch-resistant, with bright, vibrant colors.

Find Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 here.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pouch Cases

Some of us like to have a bit more protection for our smartphone investments. To protect your Samsung from all angles, check out our Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pouch Cases, designed with multiple-layers to give your device some extra cushion that keeps both the back and display completely protected. Featuring elasticated sides, your Galaxy will remain securely in the case, with a convenient pull-tab that lifts your smartphone out – but only when you need it. There will be no worrying that your phone will slip out with these Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pouch Cases!

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Flip Cases

The final option for your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case is our Flip Case, combining a case with a wallet. The integrated Hard Case holds your Samsung in place, with a flip cover that will prevent the display from getting scratches or dents. Interior slots are the perfect place to store your cards and i.d., with an extra hidden pocket that is perfect for keeping cash. With a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Flip Case, you will know you always have what you need on the go.

Create Your Own Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case

caseable has been combing the art world to bring you hundreds of some of the best designs for your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case. But, if you still haven’t found the perfect match, you can simply design your own! Simply upload your personal photos and images into our design tool, and align them to suit your preferred look. We make it easy to design your own Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case!