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„I'm really happy with the backpack. I have a MacBook Pro 15 and it fits in perfectly. The picture of me and my friend looks also really nice :)“

Sarah from Aachen

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Practical laptop backpack with plenty of storage space!

Inside the laptop backpack

With our new laptop backpacks, you now have more space for everything you need to on the go - without sacrificing the protection of your laptop compared to traditional laptop bags . The stylish backpacks are integrated with a padded inner pocket, where you can let your laptop or MacBook safely disappear. This is optimal protection for your laptop against scratches if you are carrying it with other items in your laptop backpack.

Apart from the separate compartment for the laptop, the laptop backpack also has enough storage space for books, notebooks, magazines and other things. This makes the laptop backpacks the ideal companion for work, university or school. The backpack with laptop compartment is suitable for all sizes of laptops and has additional side pockets attached on both sides which you can hold water bottles or other travel items. As well as laptops, the inner compartment can also be used to store your tablet or eReader.

What does the stylish laptop backpack have to offer?

The comfortable laptop backpack is made of neoprene and offers not only an incredible amount of space, but is also very comfortable to wear. The back mesh design helps to keep your back cool, which is especially pleasant when you have to wear the laptop backpack for extended periods.

The bottom of the laptop backpack is water resistant, so it does not matter if you accidentally put it on a damp surface. There is also a removable rain cover hidden in the bottom that you can take out when it starts to rain and stretch across the entire backpack. So both the laptop backpack as well as all your belongings are safe from the rain! Now that’s different to the usual laptop bags!

Close-up of Laptop backpack

If you're traveling and carrying important documents with you, you can also use the discrete zippered pocket on the back of the laptop backpack to stow them away. So it’s all right at your back and nobody can bother you while you're inattentive and trying to orient yourself in a new place.

Design a laptop backpack yourself

We would not be caseable if we did not give you the option of choosing from a variety of contemporary designs (such as the trendy marble designs) or even designing the laptop backpack yourself.

The customizable front of the laptop backpack is initially white - your canvas where you can let creativity flow. Either you choose one of the many artist designs from our shop and let us print it on the laptop backpack. Or you become creative yourself and create it with your own photos or artwork.

That's easy! Simply upload the image file in our design tool and place it on the front surface of the backpack and adjust the way you like it best. A little tip, for all minimalists: If you like the backpack with the white surface just as it is, you can also order it via the design tool: Just open and without adding your own image file directly add to the basket - Done!