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Design a photo phone case!

Urban, stylish and always on trend! Does this describe you perfectly? Then you are in the right place! Your wardrobe is not the only thing that should express your character, your accessories should as well! Your everyday electronics deserve to tell a story. A phone case with your photos does this perfectly! Not only will it make your smartphone stylish it will be a daily reminiscent of a unique moment. Decide on a motif or a collage and have the images printed directly on your smartphone cover.

A phone case with pictures: Vacation ones are always a hit!

Remember those candid photos from the last vacation? Get them printed on your smartphone cover. How about the crystal-clear ocean from the last beach resort or the fantastic view from the peak of the mountain of your last hiking adventure – both would make an awesome cover for your case! Warning: you might find yourself quickly inspired to go on a new vacation immediately! There are no limits to your imagination. Customize your phone case with your own image and have it everywhere you go. It simply cannot be more individual!

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Customized photo phone cases - always a great gift idea!

Every time you are traveling with your friends, great photos are taken. Why let them be forgotten on your computer? We know the importance of each selfie, that each is unique in its own way. Then put it on a phone cover and always have it in sight! By the way, a phone case with pictures is always an excellent gift idea for your loved ones. With caseable there are endless options to what you can customize. You can make customized cases with your favorite photos for your laptops, tablets and e-readers with our design tool!

Just upload one or more of your photos and add stylish filters or text. Of course, you can leave the photos unedited, if you want. Simply place your order and in just a few days, you will have a new smartphone case – individualized just for you or the happy recipient!