We don’t offer knit Phone Socks, because....

  • ... Smartphones easily fall out of them, and they offer no protection
  • ... you can have a phone sock knit by your Grandmother
  • ... Phone Socks look like they belong on your feet, not on your phone!

The better alternative? A Phone Bag, because...

  • ... they hold your smartphone firmly in place due to the elastic sides
  • ... they are available in stylish designs – you can even create your own
  • ... your Phone Socks can keep your feet warm, where they belong

What is the advantage of a Smartphone Bag over a knit Phone sock?

In contrast to the scratchy, knit wool of a phone sock, our Smartphone Bags are crafted from a soft faux-leather and a printable front. You can choose from hundreds of beautiful designs to give your Phone Pouch some personality. The elasticated sides keep your smartphone securely in place, unlike slippery phone socks. A pull tab gives you access to your device the moment you need it. Watch the video, and see why you should hang up your old phone sock and get yourself a new Smartphone Pouch by caseable.

Learn more about our Smartphone Pouches!

Customize your Phone Case!

With caseable, you have the chance to customize your Phone Case! Creating your own design is very simple. Simply upload your favorite photo into our design tool and place it on the case, whereever you think it looks best. You can then use our featured filters and add text – you can even use the collage button to use multiple photos. Cloth Phone Scoks can hardly be customized, except maybe some different colored yarns, or the holes that appear after a few weeks of use. You can live without that, right?

Click here for the Design Tool