OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is a fantastic smartphone that offers great performance for a great price. This smartphone has a great battery life, and is based off of the OnePlus 3, with the same design, screen, RAM, camera, and fingerprint scanner. It has even made top 10 lists for best smartphones by assorted Tech Reviewers!

Unfortunately, OnePlus has discontinued their production of the OnePlus 3T. They now offer the OnePlus 5 in it’s stead.

caseable OnePlus 3T Cases – Hand Crafted With You in Mind

Keep your device safe from bumps and scratches with our OnePlus 3T Case. These Pouch Cases offer all-over protection, with a multi-layered design that provides extra cushioning that helps prevent screen cracks or damage. The elastic edges of our OnePlus 3T Case keeps your device snugly in place, and the convenient pull-tab gives you quick access the moment you need it. No more missing phone calls or fumbling to change a song again! Get your chosen design printed in high resolution on the front of your OnePlus 3T, while the back is a black faux-leather that looks and feels great.

Get Creative – Design Your Own OnePlus 3T Case

caseable has hundreds of designs to choose from – but what if you want something a bit more personal? Use our online design tool to create your own OnePlus 3T Case! Take your favorite photographs and personal artwork to create something unique and customized to suit your taste. Add your initials or a message with the text function, or use the provided filters to add a different vibe. You will be guaranteed to be the only one with your new OnePlus 3T Case.

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