Oktoberfest Makes Life More Beerable

It’s that time of year again and we all know there are three certainties in life; Tax, Death and Oktoberfest! This September is your perfect reason to drink and celebrate, not that you needed one, Prost! Let’s face it, besides from BMW, Oktoberfest is the only thing the Germans are known for. So grab a beer and a pretzel and watch those beautiful Decolletés go by all day long.

The Perfect Hopportunity to Create Your own Oktoberfest Designs

Here at caseable, we only deal in beautiful, and Beer Gardens are one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so capture your favourite images of Oktoberfest and create your own Oktoberfest Design in our Design Tool, OktoberYes! Or try printing a matching costume, as shown below, you won’t regret it! Created with our innovative printing technology and always in the highest of resolution, your Oktoberfest designs will look positively stunning! Remember, we don’t judge, we just print, so go crazy! Once you have received your case or sleeve, caseable is a name you won’t be forgetting when you’ve too many beers, that’s for sure!

Oktoberfest Image 1
 Oktoberfest Image 2

This Is Not a Hoptical Illusion

The world is divided into two kinds of people, people who love beer, and people who are wrong, so encourage everyone to go for an Oktoberfeast this September! Your colleagues, your friends, pretty much anyone who can pull off a Dirndl, even if they are pint sized! Who cares about Lederhosen? We prefer the girl’s version anyway ;) Make sure this year’s Oktoberfest is the most memorable yet, shop our designs here or create your own Oktoberfest designs! And don’t forget, the most important part about Oktoberfest is to have a warm heart and a cold beer at all times, thank us later! Just remember not to put your foot on the table ;)