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Mobile World Congress 2018

  • 2,000+ Artist Designs
  • 50+ License Designs
  • High-quality print for beautiful definition
  • Customizable with images, texts and logos
  • Utilizing recycled plastic bottles
  • Handmade in Brooklyn & Berlin

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Sell our products directly through your own shop, without any extra expenses or inventory costs.
Example: caseable interface
on the product detail page
Example: caseable interface
in the shopping basket
Through an advanced algorithm, caseable recommends products that suit the customer perfectly. The order will be processed directly through the caseable site, and gives you the possibility to earn easy money.


caseable can produce large quantities within very short time frames, creating products faster than the rest of the market through its local production facilities.
Products can be delivered to retail stores within a few days, making it easy to react to trends effectively. Our well-known licensing partners can then act as a magnet for potential customers in your store.


With a 100%-voucher, customers can, for example, get a caseable product in addition to another product bought in your shop.
An extra free product like this can foster a positive buying behavior. The customer has full flexibility to choose the design and device that suit their needs. The shipping is free with vouchers, and caseable partners benefit from particularly attractive conditions.


Below you‘ll find a selection of partners we are working with or have worked with in the past.


caseable is deteremined to carry the best and most interesting licenses. To accomplish this, we are closing several licensing deals a week. You can find a small selection here.