LG V20 Cases – All-over Protection for your “Phablet”

With the V20, LG has once again created a big-hit! This large smartphone, sometimes described as a “phablet”, is popular not just because of its fantastic features – like the second camera – but also it’s sleek design. The elegant metal body is a minimalist’s dream, but you have to protect it to keep it looking great! Nothing will keep your LG V20 as well-protected and stylish as a caseable pouch case. You can quickly reach your smartphone thanks to the pull tab, so no more fumbling for your phone!

Currently, caseable only offers the pouch cases for the LG v20, but flip cases and hard cases will be arriving soon!

The Tough Choice – What Design is Best for Your LG V20?

You’ve already made the first step and purchased the stunning LG V20. Now comes the tough part – what is the right LG V20 case for you? This won’t be an easy choice. caseable offers an extensive selection of talented artists, all of whom have a large variety of designs. Are you a fan of Pokémon Go? Then check out the designs by Zefiru. Are you more into playful, colorful motifs? Explore Bianca Green’s designs. Perhaps you believe that less is more, in which case our Plain and Simple Collection is perfect for you! Click through our gallery and discover the perfect design for your LG V20 case!

Show off Your Individuality – Design Your LG V20 Case Yourself!

If you are particular about your personal style and want your smartphone case to match, look no further. With our design tool you can design your new LG V20 Case to match your personal style and personality. Create something unique for yourself in just a few minutes! Whether you use your own pictures, personal artwork, or your favorite quotes – you are free to design your case exactly how you’d like it. We will take your chosen design, print it with a bright, vibrant finish on your LG V20 case, and send it out to you in just a few days!

Explore caseable’s options for all of your LG devices, including the LG G3 Stylus and the LG K7.