Susana Paz

Name: Susana Paz
Interests: Music and Travelling
Location: Porto, Portugal
Favorite Color: Red
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Coming from a sunny country like Portugal, it’s no surprise that Susana’s designs show a fun mix of vivid colors, combining happy, abstract patterns with funky fruits that immediately conjure up an exotic, summer vibe. For Susana Paz, born and raised surrounded by art, her destiny has been clear since childhood. The Portuguese art teacher, with a passion for digital illustration, opens up and shares a little bit about herself with us. Make sure you don’t miss her brand new designs that have been added to our collections...

Interview with Susana Paz

Hi Susana, Could you please tell us something about your background and about the time you realized you wanted to be an Artist?

I was raised in a family of artists - my sister is a painter, my brother plays and teaches violin and also my husband owns an art gallery. Because of that I figured quite early that I wanted to pursue a career in no other field but the arts. As a teenager, I remember how I loved to draw and paint and excelled at it in school. As a young adult, I mastered in Graphic Arts and decided to become an art teacher. It was all great for a while but then I started having this growing feeling that something was missing in my artistic development. And that was the time when I decided to invest in something that I would have enjoyed over the years and that would have fit my thirst of experimentation: Digital Illustration.

While looking at your beautiful artwork I can’t help but notice that some of your designs remind me of the typical repetition of a theme and the brilliant colors of the portuguese azulejos. Do you feel that your city Porto and your country represent a big inspiration for you? Why?

Portugal is a country filled with history and art, and in my opinion Porto in particular is an incredible city with a strong artistic and visual culture. It’s really impossible not to feel inspired by the surroundings here. But honestly I‘m also inspired by the countries I happen to visit, my student’s work, established artists whose work I deeply respect. Also something as simple and mundane as an interesting piece of fabric could represent a good source of inspiration. I’m mostly attracted to everything that is colorful and maybe that is was ultimately drives my work. Inspiration is inexhaustible when you’re observant, curious and aware.

You mainly work with digital art, but do you ever experiment with other techniques? Which is your favorite one?

Yes, I do! I have been exposed to all sorts of painting techniques throughout my career and also now I still occasionally paint with acrylics. Yet, painting takes a lot of time and involves a much denser and time-consuming process. And as my creativity is inherently impatient I end up leaning towards the digital world and illustration to follow my creational needs.

Imagine you could be a superhero for a day. What superpower would you like to have?

Being invisible for a day would be fun, especially when it’s time to cook dinner!

Who’s your favorite artist of all time and why?

That’s a hard one as I’m inspired by many artists and styles. I would probably name the artist that immediately popped into mind as I read your question: Antoni Tapiés. I love his work because it is exceptionally full of symbolism and intense textured graphics that for some reason remind me of the old walls out and about in the streets of cities, worn out by time and experience.

Tell me three things that you always carry in your purse.

My sunglasses, iPhone and a good hand cream!

As an art teacher, what’s the best advice you would give to your students that are about to join the art industry?

My students are usually not aware that art and design could become a job as they’re quite young, with an age between 10 and 13. That’s why my biggest challenge is to show them, at such young ages, that this fantastic world of shapes and colors can actually lead to a career worth pursuing. If they were older, I would probably suggest them to believe in their dreams, find their niche and not to give up in front of difficulties.

Your best selling design at caseable at the moment is Natural Geometry II. Could you tell us a little bit more about this particular design, and why do you think people love it?

Natural Geometry II is a geometric composition with textures and a gradient-like background. This design ended up working quite well because of its pattern nature that fits all sorts of products and applications. Funnily, it‘s also one of my least colorful works. I think people really like it because when printed on a case it will probably results classier and more elegant than other designs.

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