Omid Scheybani

Name: Omid Scheybani
Location: Between San Francisco and China
Interests: Visual Storytelling, Languages, Cultural Fluency, and Writing.
Favorite Color: Pantone 348
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Omid is a World Culture Storyteller who travels the world to capture the beauty and essence of the many cultures and people he comes across. He made it his mission to share the personal and cultural insights through what he knows best, his smartphone-based photography. All his pictures were taken and edited on an iPhone.

Interview with Omid Scheybani

How did your journey as a photographer and an artist begin?

As a teenager I was always interested in bringing a video camera along to anywhere I went so that I could record the events I was attending. My passion for cinematography culminated in my own production company and a documentary about Iran which was shown in various film festivals. Yet this passion ended by the time I went to college. Then, after college, came the launch of Instagram for Android that rekindled my passion for content creation, but this time in the form of photography. This was in Spring of 2012. Ever since then I started using Instagram as a way to capture the world around me and do what I call "visual storytelling".

Travel seems to be a big theme in your artwork. Your work is filled with so many interesting places from all around the world. What has been your favourite place to shoot? and why?

Probably North Korea because of how unique it all was. I had a blast capturing the country with my iPhone and I am currently considering going back. There are so many things about daily life in North Korea that are foreign to folks like us. Capturing life there is a challenge, but also a privilege.

You mentioned your designs on caseable were all shot and edited on an iPhone! Why did you choose this as your camera?

I never learned photography on a camera, so my iPhone isn't necessarily an intentional choice. It's simply the camera that I always have with me and one which I was able to build my skills. The phone camera has all I need to create "good enough" pictures. Could I do even better pictures with an DSLR? Sure. But is it worth the effort of carrying it around and paying that premium? Not for me.

“Golden Gate Galore” seems to be the most liked design by our users. But… what is your favourite work featured at caseable? and why?

For me it's "Iranian Mosaic". Simply because it's the case that I got all of my family members. The picture shows the ceiling of the pink mosque in Shiraz, Iran. It's a mosque known for its colored windows which illuminate the mosque in a pink/violet light during sunrise. I love that place and I have been very fortunate to be able to bring many of my foreign friends to visit that mosque in Iran.

Lots of caseable customers upload their own photos onto our design tool. Do you have any photography tips for our followers?

I once published my iPhone photography skills on “Medium”, but if there is one tip I would like to share with them right now and right here, then it is to thoroughly study the photos that they like. What I mean is that when you like a photo, make sure to fully understand WHY you like that photo. Is it the angle? The subject? The colors? The contrast? etc. Only when you understand what makes a picture special, will you be able to recognise and recreate those types of photos in real life.

In the future, what kind of art could you see yourself creating?

While I will always be a photographer, I am currently looking into learning drawing. My first step will be a 30-day challenge during which I will draw a different face for 30 days straight. By doing so, I hope to improve my ability to draw faces which will then be the foundation for more complicated portraits.

Tell us something that might surprise our readers.

I am fluent in five languages and currently learning Mandarin which will be my sixth. Also I have not read Harry Potter which many people find shocking.