Mark Ashkenazi

Name: Mark Ashkenazi
Place to live: Israel
Interests: Photography, music production and graphic design
Favorite Color: Blue
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Mark Ashkenazi’s designs are vibrant, expressive and full of life. His love for his craft is evident in every piece of work he creates. When it comes to medium, Mark is a versatile artist and his work shows the variety of means. He draws, paints, makes collages and takes photographs. To find out more about this Israeli born New Yorker, we had some questions for him.

Interview with Mark Ashkenazi

What do you think makes you different from other artists?

It’s probably the fact that my artwork reflects my dreams. Each piece that I create is based on one of my imagination or passion.

What is your favorite medium to use in your art?

I wouldn’t be able to say one specific medium. But I do love working with flowers and lots of colors. This gives me happiness and I believe that it brightens up others’ too.

Have you ever made something for one of your fans? If yes, what was it?

I have made lots and do enjoy creating pieces for my fans. It’s usually a pop artwork as that’s what my fans mostly prefer.

Lately, one of your bestsellers at caseable is the bold “Bird of Paradise”. Where did this idea come from? Why do you think people love it so much?

Just as I already said, this piece is also based from a dream. It’s great to know that people love it so much. I think people like how the vibrant colors are together in one piece.

Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

Currently I’m working on another tropical based piece. I’ve decided to use photography as the medium for this one. I’m really excited to see how it turns out.

Do you have any short-term plan for the near future?

To be honest, I don’t have any special plans for the near future. Saying that, my only plan for now, is to continue doing what I love to do and never look back.