Mareike Böhmer

Name: Mareike Böhmer
Interests: Nature and landscape photography, abstract graphics and patterns, interior design
Location:: Bad Nauheim, Germany
Favorite Colors: Black, white and a dark Turquoise
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In the last couple of years, Mareike Böhmer´s life changed in the greatest way possible: she became a full-time mom and artist, and her world has never been so colorful. Inspired by the tableware her mother had imported from Sweden into Germany, Mareike has a bit of an obsession with Scandinavian aesthetic - with a healthy dash of tropical flair and vivid colors. So put your feet up, get a bowl of Swedish meatballs and find out all about Mareike’s creativity!

Interview with Mareike Böhmer

Hi Mareike, lovely to see you again. The last time you were Artist of the Month was about two years ago. What’s happened since then? Any big changes in your life and/or in your art?

Oh yes, there were two big changes. My son Max was born in August 2015 and that was definitely the biggest and most wonderful change in my life. Then, one year later a new adventure began: I quit my full-time job to work as a freelance designer and now I can fully concentrate on my son and art. A lot of really good things have happened in these two years...

Your life sounded pretty hectic and busy the last time we met: you used to work full-time, travelling a lot, taking pics and designing. Is is still as crazy? What keeps you doing what you do and what’s your biggest motivation?

No, it isn’t. I am not the busy type of person. I don’t have the opportunity to travel as much anymore, it's not that easy with a two year old, but I do really enjoy the town we live in. But, we just returned from our summer vacation where we drove through five European countries. I like the days when I can explore new places with my camera. When I return home, I edit these pics and use them to create new pieces of art. I don’t need much motivation for my work because it’s truly my passion. The only problem is that I do not have enough time to do all the things I want to do.

Looking at your blog I feel so fascinated by the beauty of your landscape pictures. They are giving off such relaxing and peaceful vibes. When did you start photographing and why do you reckon you feel so attracted to nature and maybe not as artistically attracted to people or more urban landscapes ?

I am fascinated by nature landscapes. The same landscape never looks the same, depending on the weather, the season or the time of day. I am so into landscape photography because it’s such a calming process. It’s like meditation, I don’t need Yoga, I only need my camera and my feet ;) When you do portrait photography, you always have to deal with someone else, your model, and you have to meet the expectations of this person. But I want to be free without any restrictions or expectations.

On your website, you stated that you are inspired by Scandinavian design. Why is that? Do you also look for inspiration elsewhere? What do you think needs to be done to keep one’s portfolio fresh?

I am not really sure why I love Scandinavian design so much. Probably it’s the special combination of minimalistic shapes, interesting colors and natural materials. I grew up with a lot of IKEA furniture and my mother’s yearly visits to a friend’s summer house in Sweden meant luggage full of fascinating tableware.

When I started following interior blogs a few years ago, I fell in love with many Scandinavian brands and their timeless designs. But it’s also the way of living in those countries which fascinates me. I traveled to some Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands several times and I always felt like home. I really like how the apartments and houses there are furnished: so bright and minimalistic, but they still appear so comfortable. The question where I find my inspiration is not that easy to answer. Travelling has always been a really important source of inspiration for me, but new creative ideas can be found everywhere, even in everyday situations. Sometimes I get a new idea for an abstract graphic while I am taking photos of flowers in the park, sometimes I find inspiration while reading one of my favorite interior magazines. Everything can be an inspiration.

Your lovely geometric compositions are basically perfection! Can you tell us a bit more about your creative process? Do you have a creational routine / ritual?

Sometimes I have a spontaneous and really special idea, sometimes I work without having any plan. I cannot really describe this creative process because it is never the same. Sometimes I can’t create anything good for weeks, and then my creativity comes back out of nowhere.

Do you consider yourself more of an artist or graphic designer? What do you reckon is the biggest difference between those two professions?

I don’t really know the difference, but I think an artist can work more freely. As a graphic designer you often have to work for your clients and to create something according to the wishes of others. I do both. My artworks, which I sell online, are all created as an artist, completely free and just for myself and my taste. But I also do graphic and photography work for clients, but not as much as my artsy stuff.

Out of all your beautiful pieces of art that we feature on caseable, which one do you like the most and why?

I am still in love with one of my first pieces - "Graphic 3“. That’s a good sign that I did something right. It was something like my door opener to this business. But there are also many new artworks I really love, like my piece "Minimalism 14“. It’s hard to pick only one :)

Speaking of nature, name three things you would bring with you on a desert island.

My camera, my iPad Pro and sunscreen :)

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