Joy St.Claire

Name: Olivia Joy St.Claire
Interests: Hiking, travel, reading, gardening and houseplants, birding and I'm learning to paint.
Location: Travelling. Currently Nova Scotia. Next Maine and Massachusetts.
Favorite Color: Turquoise, Blue and Green.
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Olivia Joy St.Claire is a fine art photographer known for her nostalgic nature photographs and rustic still life prints. She got her first camera when she was nine, and has since been exploring the lakes and forests of America, photographing her journey along the way. She's never in the same place for long, but we managed to catch up with Olivia during her stay in Canada.

Interview with Joy St.Claire

What three words best describe your work?

Ethereal, Soulful, Atmospheric OR..... A naturalists eye, a serene heart and an adventurous soul!

How did your journey as a photographer begin?

It began long ago when I got my first camera when I was nine. I've always been aware of shadows, light and textures. Photography was a natural pairing with my love of the outdoors and gardening. It allowed me to capture the relationship I have with nature, flowers and gardening. In my twenties I was published in a couple magazines and began receiving honors and awards in exhibits. Later I began to do portraits - children and pets - but still did my fine art photography. Now I devote my time exclusively to fine art photography, and do a bit of conceptual portrait work.

We know you like to travel a lot. Where are you currently based?

Currently I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. It's such an amazingly beautiful province. So much inspiration and beauty to photograph! I feel very blessed to be doing this travel adventure after selling my condo. I'll head down to Maine at the end of February and then work my way toward Ohio and Michigan.

Where are your favorite places to take pictures?

Definitely in the woods when there is fog. When there is a foggy morning, I drop everything to go out to the woods and meadows. Most of my fog photographs have been taken in Ohio and Michigan.

If you had to choose one season to last the whole year, which one would you choose, and why?

I'm torn between Autumn and Spring! Both seasons are a time of color and a time of change that is so fleeting.

Describe to us your favorite piece of work and tell us why you love it so much.

My favorite always seems to change! Right now I would say Autumn Inkblot. It was taken in Northern Michigan a couple years ago and it was such a wonderful trip with my dog Maggie May who was still alive at the time. It was taken at a favorite nature preserve, and when I look at it I have such good memories with Maggie and friends and being in a place I love!

When do know you've taken a good photograph?

When out hiking or driving, I see the world in squares - framed if you will. So I'm always seeing "photographs" as I move through the day. There are some moments when I'm able to be quick and grab the shot immediately. Light and life are so ephemeral. You must capture it quickly or the moment and light will be gone. I know if I've captured it immediately afterwards when I take a peek at my shot. Then I begin the editing process to convey the feeling I had at the time and how I experienced the moment!

Are there any well known photographers you've inspired your work along the way?

Yes. Vivian Maier's work is amazing. Her street photography is incredible and her way with light and composition is amazing. The work of Dorothea Lange caught my interest long ago. Her portraits were compelling and she captured moments in history with such honesty. And I love the conceptual portraits of Brooke Shaden.

Do you have any exciting projects on the horizon?

Some of my work has been selected for hotel projects and I've had new inquiries from art publishers so I'm excited to see where they might lead!

What is a dream you'd like to make a reality?

For quite a while I've been dreaming of finding a camper van or small vintage trailer, and making that my home for a bit as I travel to photograph beautiful places!

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