Emanuela Carratoni

Name: Emanuela Carratoni
Place to live: Rome, Italy
Interests: photography, travel, pets, nature
Favorite Color: Pink in all its shades
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Emanuela, an Italian architect-turned-artist, has always been attracted to the organic shapes and colours of stones such as agate, amethyst, crystals and marbles. She enjoys photographing and collecting them, capturing their beauty through her work and adding hints of graphics to make these pieces shine.

Interview with Emanuela Carratoni

How did your journey as an artist begin?

Since I was young, I ever loved to draw... then, I choose to attend to the faculty of Architecture and then i have fallen in love with photography... at the first occasion, I've combined these two factors, photography and geometry, in my artworks.

You studied Architecture, have you ever designed a house or a building?

Yes, of course! Interior Design and Architecture are still my “9-5 job”; just in this period, with my boyfriend/colleague (architect), in our studio “cafelab”, we are designing a sort of “Dream House” for an italian client!

How did your studies influence
your style?

I think my studies in architecture and design have helped me to develop a part of my personal concept in visual art, the minimal and geometrical one, inspired to the Scandinavian mood, which combines raw materials, like concrete or marble with calming colors like pink blush, rose quartz or serenity.

What are you inspired by, and what trends do you follow right now?

I'm inspired by pastel colors, minerals, like crystals of agate and amethysts, marble and geometry, of course. Right now i just discover the “Glitch Art” and i'm experimenting with abstract themes, in bold color, applied onmy photos.

It is fascinating to see how close you can get to an element with Photography. Where does this love for Macro-Photography come from?And love for minerals?

When I‘ve bought my first Reflex Camera, I‘ve discovered to love to take picture of macro details of flowers and natural element; some years later, i found my first Agate slice, with a bold pink, in a little marketplace and since this moment, my love increased, time after time, agate after agate! I have a little collection, I love discover, buy and sell new pieces.

What is your favourite artistic
technique and why?

My first step is photography, no doubt. I take pictures of a texture, flower or mineral that inspires me. Then, I compose a sort of ‘draft version’ in my mind and finally I create the final version with digital manipulation on my computer.

What is your favourite work of yours that we feature at caseable and why?

Well, i love two pieces in a particular way: my Pink Agate Slice, the first agate in my collection, and Candy Cactus, a photo taken while i was travelling in Kefalonia Island, in Greece.

If you could look into the future, what kind of art could you see yourself creating in ten years?

Wow, really i don‘t know! I love experimenting and try, I think that, compared to the beginning, time after time I have became more eclectic and less minimal ; I believe this will be the direction that I will follow in my works.

Tell us something that might surprise
our readers.

I really like cooking, I love the classic dishes of Italian cuisine and more!