Danny Ivan

Name: Danny Ivan
Interests: my dog, video games like Nintendo Switch, cuisine/cooking (I’m vegetarian), drama movies, music concerts and music festivals, books/reading, photography, sports and, of course, travel.
Location: Porto, Portugal
Favorite Color: Orange
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From Porto with love (and 3D art). We sat down with our amazing artist Danny Ivan once again to get to know about his artistic development and his approach to his tridimensional trippy creations that we can’t stop loving so hard. Danny boasts a huge and popular portfolio of clients and collaborations: from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Adobe, The Debrief Magazine and last but definitely not least...caseable.

Interview with Danny Ivan

As you’re based in the sunny and beautiful Porto, could you tell us something about the artistic scene in Portugal?

It’s easy to be in love with the artistic scene in Portugal, we have a lot of amazing street artists with pretty unique work - Vhils, Odeith, Pantonio and Paulo Arraiano. We also have amazing graphic designers, creative directors, and art directors working in the advertising industry, so we see an artistic way of communication in Portugal. Of course you can get involved with all the different arts scene in Portugal like cinema, music, architecture, and you can find fresh and beautiful work. In fact it is a pleasure to live in Portugal.

Do you have a funny or really crazy story from your life to share?

I don’t know if this is crazy or funny at all, but i moved from a small island (Madeira Island) to Lisbon. It was a big change in my life - the main idea was to search for more opportunities, be more humble, meet amazing different people and places. At the time,Lisbon started growing and I felt I was in the right place to start my life. Now I live in the north of Portugal, Porto. I believe I’m living a dream life and I’m so grateful and lucky just because I live close to the sea, in an enormous apartment with my full equipment studio inside, I ride my bicycle more than driving a car. I do a lot of exercise like running and Pilates close to the sea, I do meditation in the sand and I think the crazy story will start pretty soon because we (my girlfriend and I) have some plans to start building our family, and I think we don’t have anything in life more than create a Family.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be?

I love being a 3D artist and designer, and it’s kind of hard to think of another thing now. I was interested in being maybe a detective before. I believe we need to live in a better world, so a world with justice is one way to go. But, I’m an artist, and what I try to do is create beautiful things for our world.

Your work is extremely bright and stylized, what draws you to such bold designs? Who are you inspired by?

I always try to be a bright, energetic and positive guy so my goal is to create artworks which reflect what I am and what I believe. I try to communicate in an abstract way, is pretty hard to make something fresh in the abstract scene and catch the attention of the main public, nowadays we have many people creating abstract visuals, but only a few catch my eye so what inspires is create something abstract and when people are looking they had emotions with that. The 80s and 90s is a big inspiration on my work, I’ m eighties kid so i believe i have that flashbacks time to time, lot of neon, colors, laughters , funny ads, amazing tv-shows.

What would you consider the best moment in your career until now?

I feel so lucky - over the years I have had the opportunity to work with worldwide ad agencies and giant companies. My best client is Adobe, so I believe the best moment is anytime I work for a global company where people will see my work in countless different countries. Almost everyday I receive emails from young designers with lovely words, it’s kind of crazy when people admire your work and they feel inspired by me.

What are you scared of?

Losing my creativity. I don’t have many words for this, but I will do my best in my life to not lose it.

Your new additions to your caseable library are beyond trippy and beautiful. When and why did you start working with 3D art?

I started with 3D art last year because I was trying to push the boundaries with my work. I felt 3D could open more opportunities. It’s amazing to create something in a 3D Space, and the best part is you have full control of light, shadows, materials, etc… it’s a lot of variables to control, it’s like you are piloting a plane. Like i said before, my goal is to create stunning abstracts and 3D helped me to go further. Nowadays, I help ad agencies to create photorealistic scenes or 3D-ish things but what I love most is to learn even more about 3D, it’s a big path and believe I only know 30% or less of the 3D World.

We know you have been in Berlin after our last interview. So why don’t you describe Berlin in three words?

I need to visit again but in three words Berlin is: Cosmopolitan, Cool, Historical

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