Name: Cedric
Place to live: Catalonia, Spain
Interests: nature, animals, forest, gardening, science, art...
Favorite Color: Black. But that really depends on the context
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French Bulldogs, out of this world galaxies, abstract landscapes. With such a variety of subjects, our artist Barruf has stolen hearts from all around the world in just a few months as a member of the caseable family. The Catalan-based designer opened his door to us to give us a glimpse at what inspires him the most.

Interview with Barruf

Hi Cedric, On your website we read that you studied Biology and you got into art only in 2012. How did your journey as an artist begin, and why such a change of path?

At the end of 2012, due to some unrealistic personal experiences, I began to feel the need to paint and draw; to create became a therapeutic addiction for me. Later on, I decided that I wanted to turn this need into my professional occupation and make art to create my lifestyle. After making this decision, I started to step into the “Art” world. Today I can't think of another way to live.

As our first artist interviewed in 2018 we would like to know what’s your new year resolution?

My new year's resolution is to find more time to create.

What fascinates us is that you cover so many different styles and motifs. Animals, Galaxies, Trippy compositions and­ the list could go on. What’s your favorite artistic technique and subject to represent and why?

Despite the fact that my heart is totally abstract, my favorite technique for now is the pencil and pen illustration; the most recurrent subject so far are animals, especially dogs. But I deal with different styles and themes and I enjoy trying different techniques. I get inspired by anything around me; very often my inspiration comes from my inner worlds and ideas that run away from me (many of them are from abstract dreams).

As our only spanish artist at caseable so far, we were wondering what’s your opinion on the art scene in Spain, specifically in Barcelona? Is there any other city you would move to?

I think Spain has a lot of great artists, there is a lot of talent in many different areas of Art, but I also think that the artistic situation is stagnant; I think the Government is not promoting culture or art enough or properly. Barcelona is an explosion of creativity and a nest for creative people. In fact, I don't live in Barcelona city, I live on the outskirts. I wouldn't like to live for long in a big city, not even in Barcelona. For now, I am not planning to move out of Catalonia, but you never know where the future takes you. I often fantasise about moving to distant and exotic places.

If you could look into the future, what kind of art could you see yourself creating in ten years?

I have no idea what kind of art I will be creating in ten years. I would like to see myself working on better quality pieces in different formats. I guess I will be able to work with more techniques and materials.

Tell us something that might surprise our readers.

I can be awake for days easily (without taking any substance) and when I sleep, it's not for long. For me, 3 hours of sleep are enough. I´m a nocturnal animal, I’d rather sleep in the morning.

What is your favorite work of yours that we feature at caseable and why?

“French bulldog with arc de triomphe” is my favorite, because it is the design that set a turning point: it opened the doors for me and let me know for the first time that I could live from art.

We are also dying to know the story behind your interesting name Barruf and what does it mean to you?

“Barruf” is a catalan word; catalan is my mother tongue; it means “imaginary thing that turns real”, a vision (hallucination, imaginary representation). This word, for me, represents somehow the creative process, when you go from the idea to the visible and tangible reality, something you can show. I also like this word because it is the origin of the word “barruguet” or “barrufet”, which are a kind of tiny pixies.

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