Huawei Honor 7 Smartphone Hard Case Frida By Barruf
Frida By Barruf
Device: for Huawei Honor 7
Product: Smartphone Hard Case
Snap-on smartphone Hard Case made from recycled bottles Wrap-around print style produces seamless finish Solid fit safeguards your phone from bumps and scratches, without impairing the wireless charging feature Molded shape allows easy access to all your handset's features Individually designed in the heart of Brooklyn, NY

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Artist Statement

Take a galaxy or two, dressed-up animals, crazy patterns, and some abstract-urban elements. Swirl them all together with a pinch of humor and self-reflection, and you’ve got it. Barruf is the Barcelona born-and-raised, self-taught artist with an insatiable artistic curiosity. His interests lie in the natural kingdom, and his love for experimenting with different techniques and tools, from pen drawing to digital illustration, are evident in his colorful designs. Click here for an exclusive interview with Barruf

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