Huawei Honor 6X Smartphone Pouch by caseable

caseable makes it easy to keep your phone constantly protected and looking stylish. Our Huawei Honor 6X Smartphone Pouch is made from a soft faux leather on the rear, and a durable canvas print on the front, so it is built to last! The pouch offers our highest level of protection and covers all vital parts of the phone. The elastic sides of the pouch create a super snug fit, so you know your phone is safe, and the pull tab allows for the safe release of the device. In addition, the multi-layer construction provides you with the optimal protection just in case you do drop your phone. Each case is made-to-order, so choose your favorite design, and get closer to receiving your Honor 6X Case today!

Create Your Own Honor 6X Case

Feeling creative? Searching for a new case? Take a minute to check out caseable’s Design Tool! We make it easy to personalize your Honor 6X Smartphone Pouch Case. Use your favorite holiday photos or personal designs, and upload them and see them directly on your new case! Create an extra personal touch by using filters and adding a special message or initials with text. Enjoy the creative process, and create your own perfect Huawei Honor 6X Case!

Terry Fan Designs on Your Case

We are really big fans of Terry Fan’s work, and the Huawei Honor 6X Pouch Case looks great with the ‘Chancellor Chewman’ design emblazoned across it. If you’re a bit of a rogue one, then you will enjoy his designs, a fun take on some of the most famous faces in the Galaxy. Whether you’re a follower of the dark side or basking in the light, there is an option for you. How good do the Characters of the Galaxy look on the ‘Victorian Wars’ design? Get this and many more from Terry Fan, and why not check out Eric Fan’s work, they’re brothers if you hadn’t guessed already!

caseable is proud to cover a wide range of devices, including the Kindle Paperwhite, the MacBook Pro 13, and the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.