Nexus 6P cases by caseable – Show Your Device Some Love

Give your phone a new lease on life with a caseable Google Nexus 6P case. Choose from tons of brilliant designs from hand-picked artists, whose prints can’t be found anywhere else! Or customize your case with personal photographs and designs, you have the best of both worlds available!

Pouch Nexus 6P cases – Faux Leather Back Molds to Your Hand

The Nexus 6P pouch case provides the ultimate protection for your device. The elasticated sides of your Nexus 6P Case keep your device completely secure while the pull tab allows your Nexus 6P to be quickly released to answer that important call. The faux leather rear provides complete comfort while holding the case, and multi-layered construction adds to the protective capabilities of the Nexus 6P case. The front is a blank canvas for you to get creative with!

Amy Sia Designs

Why not explore your colorful options with an Amy Sia design on your pouch Nexus 6P case? Hailing from Australia, Amy moved to London five years ago to start her own design label. Favoring watercolor patterns, Amy has worked with big brands such as Calvin Klein and has now created a range of designs exclusively for caseable. Her best-selling design is the Electrify Ice Blue design, which would look great on a Nexus 6P Case

Google Nexus 6P

Described as “the best Android phone”, the Google Nexus 6P has a big reputation. The 5.7 inch AMOLED cinematic display with Gorilla Glass 4 shows everything you capture with the 12.3MP camera in stunning clarity. The next generation USB Type-C charger is reversible and will give your Nexus 6P seven hours of use after only ten minutes of charging. Explore our range of Google cases, including our cases for the Google Nexus 10 Tablet