One upon a time…

A little Elephant by the name of “Casephant” dreamt his whole life of being able to make everyone happy and hand out Easter gifts. Every year when Easter came around he would put on his fake bunny ears, then try to hop around and spread joy. He always wanted to be the fan favorite bushy-tailed bunny on Easter. Sadly, his animal roommates in the forest couldn’t understand his Easter dreams and would always make fun of him. One day, Casephant had enough and decided to run away from the forest. So where did he go? This is where YOU come in.

Casephant ran away and is now hiding on our website. Can you find him? Help find Casephant and get a reward! Casephant is hiding in secret places all over the site. If you find him in one of his hiding spots, he will give you a discount code! That way you have more money to spend on chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks. Hurry and save up to 30% off your purchase. Different hiding spots feature different discount codes, and the most secret hiding spot is 30% off! Use the code to save on all cases for smartphones, laptops, eReaders and tablets.

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Get the Easter Casephant on Your Cover

Since this little elephant has cozied up to our site, we have all grown fond of him. To keep him close to our hearts, we are now offering a Casephant design! Get it now on your smartphone case or laptop sleeve!

Click here for the Casephant Design

Designs for Easter!

Easter arrives in the midst of Spring! The flowers are all in bloom, the sun is out, and there is a special feeling in the air. That is why we have put together a special spring collection for you. It is the perfect time of year to fall in love…..which explains why it’s also wedding season! We have also fallen in love – with our colorful spring designs. These are the perfect colors and motifs to decorate your smartphone case during the Easter and Spring season. Let’s get real – these designs are awesome throughout the year. Popular designs by our artists, such as Mark Ashkenazi, Amy Sia or Joy StClaire, are real eye-catchers. Take a look at the collection and save a little money with the discount codes from Casephant during our Easter Sale.