Is Halloween your favorite Holiday? Are walks through the cemetery better than walks through the park? Our Collection of Skull designs in the perfect way to express your love of the macabre. Elegant and eerily beautiful, these skull designs make a perfect motif on your Smartphone Case or Laptop Sleeve. Choose your favorite skulls and get it on your Case!

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Our selection of Scary Designs - Motifs for your Skull Phone Case!

There’s always been something very chilling and scary about skulls. Whether it’s their strong association with creepy movies or their embodiment of pure evil. Skulls serve as the number one accessory for witches, wizards and bad guys. If being evil isn’t your thing, why not use skulls for good and put skull designs on a hip-style accessory for your Smartphone, Laptop or other tech device?

Our broad skull collection demonstrates the effect they have had on our artists. One of our biggest contributors is Ali Gulec whose work continually features skulls and skeletons. Ali’s illustrations depict flowers and animals instead of the usual association with death. Ali’s work questions the stereotypes and associations we put together with certain objects. Whether it's floral notes or in the backdrop of a comfortable living room, he knows how to manipulate skulls to make every design something unique and special for your Skull Phone Case. Check out Ali Gulec!

Collaborations with Daniel Martin Diaz, BIOWORKZ & more for you Skull Phone Case!

Many other artists have also collaborated with the skull collection such as Daniel Martin Diaz and BIOWORKZ who have infused their own motifs with skull designs and added their own personal stamp on the collection. Browse through the entire collection and find your favorite design to add to your Skull Phone Case, Laptop Sleeve or Tablet Cover. Do not wait any longer to properly protect your tech device. Thanks to our high-quality production your Skull Phone Case will protect your device from all scratches and bumps. No matter what device you have, or which design you like, they can be combined together to protect your device in style.

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