Elephant Collection

They say an Elephant never forgets... we certainly will never forget the lovable charm of Elephants! Known across the world as symbols of luck, loyalty and happiness we have put together a collection of our favorite Elephant designs to celebrate this unforgettable animal. Let our Elephant designs bring wisdom to your tech device!

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Who doesn’t love elephants? Elephant phone cases, laptop sleeve & more!

They are among the most popular animals in the world: With their mighty ivory tusks, their soft eyes and their wrinkled, thick skin, the leisurely mammals are one of the main attractions in every zoo. Both children and adults love them! Likewise, our artists were inspired by the elephant and created designs that show one of the animals’ natives of Africa or Asia. With us you can have the design printed and get an elephant phone case, laptop bag and many other products.

Woman with an elephant laptop sleeve

Thus, the design "Ornate Elephant" by BIOWORKZ has been one of the most popular motifs in our shop for many years and has developed into a real evergreen. Not only do we have black and white designs that you can use for an elephant phone case, but also colorful versions, such as Mark Ashkenazi or Mat Miller, who specializes in the imaginative display of animal designs.

Elephant phone case for a variety of models - look around!

Surely this has happened to you before. You found a great design in an online store that you would like to use for your device as a case. But unfortunately, you don’t have the current top sellers of Apple or Samsung and the phone cases were only available for those models... With us, this will not happen to you! Because with us you can order elephant phone cases for an immense number of device models from a variety of international brands.

Of course, the elephant designs can also be combined with most of our other products. So, as well as the elephant phone case, if you are looking for an elephant laptop bag or case for your tablet or eBook reader? Not a problem at all. Simply combine the desired design with the product type of your device and put it in the shopping cart. We take care of the fast production, so you can have your order in no time.

In addition to our elephant collection, we also offer you a variety of other animal collections, such as flamingos, dogs or cats.