cyber monday

Enter “CYBER116“
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Today is not just any day – it’s Cyber Monday! So caseable has planned a very special offer for you. Today only, when you buy any case from our shop, you will also get a hard case for your smartphone – for free! All you have to do is enter the code “CYBER116” at checkout. Did you get yourself some new tech during the Black Friday sales, perhaps a new iPhone 7 or a new laptop? Whatever you bought, now is the time to get the perfect protective cover. This special offer is valid today only during Cyber Monday 2016.

Black Marble
Kate Howell

Sparkling Designs by Khristian Howell

Get in the holiday spirit this Cyber Monday with a bit of glitz with one of Khristian Howell’s designs. Howell combines gold, black and white which look brilliant on every case. The bit of sparkle is perfect for the upcoming holidays, and her collection includes an array of colorful designs! Howell became known through popular textile companies, who printed her fabulous designs on pillows, curtains, napkins, etc. If you are looking for more manly designs, check out Terry Fan’s designs, or perhaps caseable’s Plain and Simple collection.

Explore Now - it's your Cyber Monday Deal

Whether you need two hard cases for new smartphones or a new laptop bag with a hard case – the choice is up to you. Choose from our Artist Collections or create something yourself – you will get a free hard case either way for Cyber Monday! Simply click the circle above to select your first product. Then, select the hard case that you want and add it to your shopping cart. * The $ 24.90 cost of the Hard case will be deducted from the total value of the basket after entering the code “CYBER116”.
We hope you found some amazing deals during the Black Friday Sales, and now you can get the perfect protective cover for your new device during Cyber Monday. We are expanding our product range on a regular basis to provide you with cases for the latest devices. Perhaps you want to use this Cyber Monday offer to get an early start on your Christmas gifts!