Terms of Participation Facebook and Instagram-Giveaway

Terms of Participation Facebook and Instagram-Giveaway


1. Scope of Application

Exemption from Facebook. These Terms of Participation apply to all profit games that we perform through the Facebook Board at www.facebook.com/caseable and Instagram at www.instagram.com/caseable. As a result, only the Facebook profile name and Instagram username are recorded by the organiser. The contests on our Facebook board and Instagram feed are not in any way linked to Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Ltd. The contests are not sponsored or organised in any way by Facebook, and do not constitute any legal claims against Facebook. All information within the scope of the profit games are provided exclusively by caseable GmbH as organiser.


2. Persons entitled to participate

Participation. By participating in the contest, the Facebook or Instagram user explicitly acknowledges these general terms and conditions. The minimum age for participation is 18 years. Employees of caseable GmbH and their joint ventures or partners within the framework of the price tender are excluded from participation. The same applies to their dependents or life partners. Participation is only possible via a personal Facebook or Instagram login (your own Facebook or Instagram account). If the organiser becomes aware of technical manipulations or any other breach of these terms, they will exclude the participant from the contest. Technical manipulations are the multiple filing of a person, the participation via a gambling service or similar automated collection services. In these cases, the profit can also be recognised subsequently and a substitute winner can be issued. The start of the competition is the respective release date on our Facebook or Instagram page. Participation is only possible up to the respective drawing date. The corresponding times can be found in the information on the contest on our Facebook page or Instagram account. Depending on the giveaway participation is possible through liking a post on our Facebook page or Instagram feed, its commenting or writing a message to caseable as operator of the Facebook page or Instagram account. You can find out which concrete actions are necessary to participate in a contest on the caseable Facebook page or Instagram account, please refer to the description of the contest on the relevant notice board. Participation after expiry of the specified date for the award of the prize is excluded. The electronically recorded receipt by the organiser is decisive. The organiser cannot be hold responsible for any technical disturbances, e.g. possible breakdowns of the telephone network or disturbances of the servers, which prevent a timely participation.


3. Prize/Prize Determination/Liability

The prize is stated in the respective giveaway posting. Only material prizes are awarded. A payment of the prize in money or an exchange of the prize is excluded. The prize claim is not transferable. Winning / acceptance: Participants have to actively participate in the lottery. The determination of the winner happens by lottery, if not something else is stated in the Facebook post, such as the photo with the most “likes” wins (poll amongst the users). In competitions, a jury of caseable, consisting of two employees, determines the winner among all uploaded pictures / photos or set texts. If the submission of own content is not required for the purpose of participation, but only “liking” or answering a question is necessary, the principle of contingency decides. The winners will be determined immediately after the end of the contest, and they will be notified via Facebook. The winner is required to confirm (by e-mail) that he/she accepts the winning prize within a time limit stated in the prize notification. Normally we will send the notification by mail or email. In the event of notification, the winner has to state his complete contact details together with his postal address and e-mail address. If the prize is not given, but must be collected at the place of the venue, it is pointed out separately in the context of the posting. All decisions are final.


4. Liability

Prizes which are provided by cooperative partners and / or prize-sponsors are generally not offered in caseables own name, but in the name of the sponsors. caseable is not responsible in such cases for the timely and complete distribution of the prizes as well as for material or legal deficiencies or for a possible insolvency of the cooperating partner/prize sponsor and the resulting consequences for the giveaway. caseable is liable as the organiser of the contest only for damages in connection with the giveaway caused by own employees or other vicarious agents deliberately or grossly negligent. caseable shall not be liable as the giveaway provider for damages due to technical equipment malfunctions, delays or interruptions of transmissions or damages arising in connection with participation in the prize.


5. Privacy Policy

Within the framework of the contest, personal data will be collected of the winner as well as any accompanying persons. We need this data for the purpose of the execution of the giveaway. In particular, the name and forename, postal address and e-mail address of the persons concerned are collected, stored and used. In case of winning, caseable is also entitled to publish the Facebook or Instagram profile as well as the name of the winner (also outside of Facebook or Instagram, as on our website). By participating in our Facebook or Instagram competition, each participant agrees to our privacy policy.


6. Premature termination of the contest

The organiser reserves the right to change the competition due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice with regard to the giveaway components, to terminate the competition or to terminate the competition. The latter applies in particular if errors of the software and / or hardware occur, and / or other technical and / or legal reasons influence the regular and proper execution of the giveaway or make impossible.


7. Other

The competition is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual or several of the above clauses be or become invalid, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions remain valid. Instead, a corresponding valid clause shall be applied. The same applies if there is a regulatory gap.


Giveaway operator: caseable GmbH Vogelsbergstr. 157, 36341, Lauterbach, Germany