Back to School Supplies

School is about to start up again! Although we are sure everyone would like to have a few more days of summer vacation, everyone is getting into the swing of the new year. Kids are excited to be in a new class, and parents are excited for their kids to be back in school. Now is the time to start preparing everything so you are ready on the first day of school, including buying all the pencils, notebooks, and small things your kids will need to succeed. Slowly, this has become more expensive as students are asked more and more often to bring either tablets or laptops to help them along with their learning.

Laptop Sleeves for Back to School

A perfect gift for back to school is a Case for a laptop or tablet, with a design your child will love that will also keep the device safe from bumps and scratches. We all know children can sometimes be a bit clumsy, and a tablet can quickly go from safely in the hands to on the floor with a broken screen. Our Cases are designed to provide extra protection for your devices, to prevent these little mishaps. We have put together a large number of different children’s designs to create a collection that is sure to appeal to your kids. All designs can be printed on any of our phone, tablet, or laptop Cases. Give your children a fun-looking and practical little gift to start the beginning of the school year off right.
The Kids Collection

Designs for Your Child – caseable Kids Collection

Create a Laptop Case for Back to School

With caseable, you have more options than just our Artist Designs, you can create your own individual look for your new Case. Using our design tool, you can easily use your own photos to create a personalized Case that will look great. Whether you want to use photos of your child or the family pet– you will easily make a unique Case that fits your family perfectly. With the option to add a new or initials with the text button, your child will never lose their Case or device! You can even use your child’s own Artwork to make a super special gift for Back to School!
To the Design Tool   Your Child’s Artwork on a Case