Inspired by ultramodern and minimalist styles, and intrigued by the idea that style can be substance, Spires produces patterns that work as vehicles for color. By combining shape, value and texture, Spires' geometric designs juxtapose both structure and randomness, artifice and nature, and the mechanical with the organic. The patterns can be striking, but also immersive as one explores their illusions of depth.

Select your Design

caseable Artist Collections - Spires

caseable is proud to offer a variety of Artist designs that are striking and look wonderful as cases for your devices. Spires has created a stunning collection, with a focus on composition and interesting color palettes, truly offering something for everyone! Lovers of minimalism will be attracted to “Glyzbryks”, a pattern of triangles and squares with muted tones of blue-grays, which would look amazing as a case for your iPhone 5c . There are plenty of brighter options as well, if you want a splash of beautiful, vibrant color. We want to help you protect your smartphone, tablet or laptop with our cases, while keeping it stylish!

Spires – Combining the Organic with the Inorganic

One of the fascinating sides of Spires designs is how there is a flawless integration of the organic when you would least expect it. By taking beautiful images of nature and splitting them into geometric patterns, Spires has rearranged these shapes to look like a puzzle that has been mixed up. You clearly see the bits of sky, the grass, the gnarled trees. But by rearranging these portions, it has become topsy-turvy, something instantly recognizable yet also abstract. These designs would look beautiful on our protective book-style iPad cases!!

Spires and Apple – A Match Made in Heaven

Apple is a brand known for their sleek designs and products. Minimalist lovers appreciate the clean lines, and there is an undeniable cool factor in the way Apple products look. Combine this aesthetically pleasing device line with beautiful, geometric designs like Spires, and you have a winning match! Protect your iPad Mini with one of Spires’ minimalist options, such as the softly-hued “Cyvyryng”. Outfit your iPhone 6s Plus with a darker, more dramatic design with “Wype Dwwn Thys”, available in a hard case, flip case, or pouch! Know your beloved Apple products are safe and looking amazing with a Spires caseable case.

Not just for Minimalists

Protect your devices with one of Spires’ colorful options, such as “Cyrvynee Xyx”, or something a bit more bubbley with “Skyrt”. If you crave a more intricate design, “Atym” features almost all of the colors of the rainbow along with triangles, trapezoids and rhombi. You can choose from designs created out of repeating shape patterns, or designs that appear at first to have a more random composition. Whatever you pick, you know your devices will be safeguarded from accidents in a Spires designed caseable case!