January 1st 1972: the yellow stylized smiley face as we know it makes its first appearance on the first page of the french newspaper France Soir as Journalist Franklin Loufrani is using this symbol of optimism to highlight good news stories. More than 40 years later the Smiley Company is a worldwide famous iconic lifestyle brand that became part of the pop culture (from music to fashion) promoting good vibes and the pursuit of happiness. Give your device an incredible smiley look!

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World Smile Day - We all smile the same language

The Smiley design was created by Harvey Ball who was an artist from Massachusetts. Harvey wanted to allocate a day each year to being dedicated to making someone smile through performing a kind act for one another. World Smile Day originated on Friday 5th of October 1999 and has continued on ever since on the first Friday of October being known as World Smile Day. The motto which is associated with World Smile Day is “Do an act of kindness. Help one-person smile.” and at caseable we support this motto.

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caseable smiley designs for your devices

caseable has a wide range of unique Smiley designs available to suit all tastes to match your electronic devices for World Smile Day. We offer designs such as the iconic Smiley design and alternative Smiley designs to give you a wide range of different and unique choices. World Smile Day is a day designed to make everyone you come across smile through performing acts of kindness to one another. Perhaps you could purchase a Smiley phone case as a gift for someone as an act of kindness to make them smile. It’s important to make people smile as it is proven that smiling improves your mood so by taking part in World Smile Day you can make people happy.

Pimp your device with a funny smiley design

The caseable product range would suit all Smiley designs such as the smartphone phone case, this is a durable, scratch resistant and protective case. This product would look great with one of our smiley designs, reminding you to always smile whenever you look at your phone.

Another product range we offer is the tablet smart case. This is a slim and lightweight tablet case, offering protection to your iPad whilst giving your device a colorful and charming design to make it stand out. The skins product range at caseable which fits devices such as the Amazon Echo fits seamlessly around the Amazon Echo giving it full coverage and is easily attachable to the device. Paired with the Smiley design it would complement the Amazon Echo very well, becoming an eye-catching design in any home.