Apple iPhone XR Products

iPhone XR, Silicone Case Silicone Case $ 19.90

Accurate fit allows access to all keys and functions of the smartphone

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iPhone XR, Smartphone Pouch Smartphone Pouch $ 27.90

Multi-layered, protective pouch designed for your smartphone

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Apple iPhone XR Cases - Wrap your new Apple smartphone in trendy designs

In the middle of September 2018, Apple let the cat out of the bag during its keynote: Just like in the previous year, three new iPhones were presented: One of the phones amongst them is the Apple iPhone XR, which is the successor of the Apple iPhone 8 and is priced as the entry-level smartphone of the three phones. But even the iPhone XR has it all: reaching to the edges of 6.1-inch LCD screen (the largest iPhone LCD ever - so far), a Notch and Face ID make it a top smartphone in class Optics. You should get only the best for your iPhone with one of our Apple iPhone XR cases. We have the perfect selection for you! Incidentally, you will also find cases for the other two devices, iPhone XS and the slightly larger iPhone XS Max.

Choose the iPhone XR case that suits you best!

As you already know from the other iPhone models in our shop, we also offer different case variants for the new devices. For example, with the Apple iPhone XR cases, you can choose between silicone cases and pouches to give your new smartphone the best protection. The silicone case for the iPhone XR lie optimally on the back of your phone and protect it from annoying scratches. This case does not lose the iPhones wireless charging function - even with this iPhone XR case your smartphone will charge wirelessly on the station.

Of course, you can also opt for an iPhone XR pouch. The pouch makes your smartphone disappear completely in the pouch as it provides all round protection for your phone. Elastic side panels keep the case tightly closed so that the iPhone cannot slip out. But thanks to the attached tab, you can get it out of the new iPhone XR phone case in seconds if it rings or you need it for another reason

Discover our design selection for your Apple iPhone XR case

No matter which iPhone XR case you choose in our shop: You can choose between numerous motifs of our artists and brands. We offer the latest trend designs, such as Marble Motifs, but also colorful designs for popular animals, such as the motifs of our Elephant Collection.

If you want a unique design, you can make your own Apple iPhone XR case yourself. To do this, simply upload the image or photo as a file in our design tool and align it to your taste. If you like it, you just put it in the cart - and you're done! We'll print your new iPhone sleeve in no time, so you'll soon be able to hold it in your hands and equip your iPhone XR with the protection it deserves.