Apple iPhone X: Say hello to the future

Apple had a vision to make a phone which consisted only of a screen display. That’s right, a phone without a home screen button. Apple has made this vision a reality. Say hello to the future, say hello to the iPhone X! Celebrate this groundbreaking device while protecting it with an iPhone X Case.

Apple iPhone X Cases by caseable

What can the new iPhone X actually do? The iPhone X boasts an incredible new 5.8” Super Retina display that not only comfortably fills the whole hand but uses new design techniques and technologies that closely follow the elegant curves of the phone. The iPhone X intuitively reacts to taps and uses your own voice as a means of control. In addition, the camera can mirror muscle movements and facial expressions, allowing you to unlock your smartphone with Face ID! The iPhone X incorporates wireless charging, meaning you can power your iPhone X by simply resting it on a charging stations. Would there be anything more incredible than owning this piece of beauty? No, but if you break it in the first week because you haven’t protected it properly, you’ll be incredibly unhappy. What you need is an iPhone X Case by caseable!

Artist Designs For Your iPhone X Case: Something For Everyone

Now that you've chosen you iPhone X Case you can continue on to the next and most important step which is to choose what design to put on your Apple iPhone X Case. At caseable, we have all bases covered. It doesn’t matter who the case is for, there are an abundance of styles, perfect for all preferences. There really is something for everyone! Check out one of our most popular categories, Movies and Fantasy. Artists in this category create a world of imagination and fantasy, perfect for when reality bores you. Why not check out our Designs for Her collection? It’s got tons of girl power designs, and will make your iPhone X Case lady like, bold and beautiful.

You Are The Artist, Get Creative On Your iPhone X Case

If you want to be really personal, you can create your own iPhone X Case. You are the artist, so you can choose your own images, meaningful text and add colors to make the design perfect for you! Of course, we offer our designs not only for iPhone X Cases, but also for all other products, such as a laptop case for the Apple iPad Mini or iPad Case.