iPhone 6s Plus cases by caseable – Handcrafted with You in Mind

Smartphone cases for the iPhone 6s Plus by caseable keep your device protected - and stylish. Your device is the key to your world, so wrap your world up in an outstanding case. Here at caseable, we only deal in beautiful and unique cases.

casable offers three different variations of iPhone 6S Plus cases.

Pouch iPhone 6s Plus Case – Soft & Secure!

Slip your iPhone 6S Plus into a caseable pouch and you will have excellent protection. The faux leather and multi-layer construction means your device is fully protected from all sides. Choose from one of our curated designs from handpicked artists or upload your own and be the envy of your friends!

Flip iPhone 6s Plus Case – Two in One!

Internal pockets and a magnetic strap are just two of the features of the Flip iPhone 6s Plus Case. But the biggest benefit has to be that two of your most important items - your phone and your money - are in the same place. One less thing to forget when you leave the house!

Hard iPhone 6 Case – Wrap Up Your Phone!

Convey your personal style by customizing your iPhone 6S Plus hard case. The molded shell wraps around your phone, protecting it against bumps and scratches. With access to all of the devices’ features, the case provides comprehensive usability while providing a high level of protection for your iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 6s Plus

With 3D touch, 12 MP photos and 4K video, the iPhone 6S Plus is the most sophisticated iPhone yet. With a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, everything is presented in gorgeous clarity. The fingerprint sensor allows quick and secure login, and even faster payments with Apple Pay. The A9 chip delivers desktop computer-like performance while allowing a longer battery life. Explore the rest of our Apple device cases, including the iPad Mini and the iPod Touch 6 .