iPhone 6 Plus cases by caseable

Create your perfect iPhone 6 Plus Case with caseable! Our Create Your Own Design tool makes it more than easy. Simply upload your favorite photos or personal designs and add filters and text to make a personal statement. With three options for cases, you know your caseable case will be your new favorite accessory.

iPhone 6 Plus Hard Shell – The Sleekest Case

Prevent any extra bulk on your case with a caseable iPhone 6 Plus Hard case. Created from molded, recycled plastic, these cases feature wraparound graphics so your chosen design will have no harsh edges. Our design allows access to all of your iPhone 6 Plus features.

iPhone 6 Plus Pouch Cases – Comprehensive Protection

If you are prone to dropping your phone, or often get little bumps and scratches, consider the allover protection of an iPhone 6 Plus pouch case. The multi-layered design provides extra cushioning, with elasticated sides that ensure a snug and compact fit. Your iPhone 6 Plus won’t be going anywhere unless you want it to! Use the pull tab to quickly access your phone, and never miss a call again (on purpose at least).

iPhone 6 Plus Flip Cases – Where your Wallet Meets Your Case

Make sure you always have what you need! The iPhone 6 Plus Flip case features interior slots that are perfect for your credit cards and ID, as well as a hidden pocket to hold your cash. The magnetic strap will make sure the protective flip cover stays put, and your iPhone screen remains scratch free! The iPhone 6 Plus Flip case features a robust hardcase to snap your phone securely into place.

caseable offers a wide selection of cases for your Apple devices, including the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s Plus.