Cover Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite – Protect your Kindle with a Customized Case!

With a Kindle Paperwhite case by caseable, you are given free range to customize the front and back. Use the same design, or make them as different as you’d like! Our Create Your Own tool makes customization easy! Use your favorite photos or designs, and easily upload them and add filters and text to create your own unique design. If you can’t choose just one look, quickly create collages that will look stunning! In addition to offering customized cases, caseable has hand-picked over a dozen international artists to bring you beautiful collections. The hard part will be choosing which design to go for!

caseable Kindle Paperwhite Cases – We’ve Got You Covered!

Our book-style design might trick you into thinking you’re reading from a real book! Open up the caseable Kindle Paperwhite case, and enjoy the soft suede interior that will keep your Kindle scratch-free! Smooth rounded boundaries ensure the case will sit comfortably in your hands as you read. Our cases have hand-stitched finishing for the perfect touch, and interior pockets to keep all of your important cards and notes. The elasticated straps keep your Kindle secure! Our products are Certified Made for Kindle by Amazon.

BioWorkZ for your Kindle Paperwhite case

Get your imagination flowing with the beautiful designs brought to you by Ben Kwok of BioWorkZ! His hyper-detailed drawings of assorted animals have a mechanical but dream-like quality to them, and will look amazing covering your Kindle! With drawings of tigers, sharks, elephants, and more there is something for everyone in this collection! The detail and quality shines through with caseable’s printing process, and the lines will come out looking just as crisp and clean as could be!!

caseable offers cases for a large range of devices, including the Apple iPad Air 2 and the Apple iPad mini.