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Stylish Amazon Echo Skins from caseable!

Thanks to the Echo, Amazon is helping to simplify your life! This multi-functional smart device can be set up in your home and conveniently controlled by your voice. Whether you want to be informed about the latest news, looking for weather updates, or simply wishing to listen to your favorite song – Amazon Echo is there to listen and respond. In addition to music and news updates, the Echo is compatible with your smart home devices, and can be used to control light switches, fans, and more. Our Amazon Echo Skins come in many different designs, ensuring that the device will fit seamlessly into your home. These Skins have a precise fit and are easily attached to your device, quickly becoming a stylish eye-catcher. Check out our designs:
You received the invitation, you purchased the Amazon Echo, and you’ve been incorporating this device into your home. Adapt the device to your aesthetics with a stylish Amazon Echo Skin. We have selected the most popular motifs from our talented artists to bring you amazing designs for your Echo Skins. Whether you like the abstract designs by Spires, more feminine works by Stephanie Breeze or Amy Sia, or in-house motifs from caseable, there is something to suit every taste. Choose your favorite design, and we will print it out in high-quality and have it sent it out directly. Did you get a coupon code from Amazon for an Echo Skin? Save yourself the cost, and get an Amazon Echo Skin for free! Simply select your favorite motif and add your unique coupon code at checkout. We will send you the selected design at no cost to you. You can also order your favorite Amazon Echo Skin without a code for just $22.90!

What is the Amazon Echo?

The Echo is much more than just a speaker that you can control with your voice. This device includes a total of seven microphones and special directional beam technology. This ensures that your voice is heard from any part of the room – even while playing music or with loud background noises. In addition, the unit has a loudspeaker that responds with 360 degrees of sound. Using the word “Alexa” will awaken the device, after which you can ask questions or execute commands. Through this, you can control compatible devices or play music through platforms such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and other music Apps. Your device learns the more you use it, adding to its abilities constantly. The Echo seamlessly becomes a part of your home, so make sure it fits your aesthetic as well! Choose your favorite design and make your Echo a part of your home’s décor.

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