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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Skin: A Dazzling Makeover for Your Home’s Little Helper

With so much going on, chores like vacuuming can feel overwhelming at times. Luckily, we live in an age where technology can do almost all of the heavy lifting, and a robo vacuum is one of the best ways to tidy your space while you focus on more important things. But because the robo vacuum lives in your home, it’s better to make the device a bit less boring looking by adding your personal flavor to it. That’s why we are proud to introduce to you our selection of robo vacuum skins and decals!

Our Robo Vacuum Cleaner Skins Are Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove

Long gone are the days of annoying peeling, sticky residue, and using utensils to chip away at stuck-on decals and skins. The material we use for our robotic vacuum cleaner skins does not leave any residue on the device, and is super easy to apply and remove. With virtually zero maintenance, you have the ability to select multiple skins to swap out for special occasions, themes, and tastes! While we offer many different variants, you’re never limited to just one.

In addition to this, all of our skins are produced on demand, meaning that we only produce and print what is ordered! Nothing goes to waste with caseable, and our production center is operated entirely with solar energy to keep the carbon footprint of your order as low as possible. 

Designs as Far as Your Imagination

At caseable we specialize in turning everyday items into unique works of art. You’ll therefore find an extensive range of some of the most in-fashion and trending designs like our popular marble collection, animal prints, and more! However, if nothing speaks to your taste, we give you the option to create your own skins and decals

The process is very easy. Simply upload your favorite image or images, and select how you’d like them placed on the robo cleaning device, be it a ZACO V80, a ZACO V5s, or some of the other variants. Once you are satisfied, we’ll get straight to work and have your custom vacuum skin printed and shipped to you in no time at all! 

Also note that we offer skins and decals for many other devices, including the Macbook range with our Macbook skins and Macbook cases, so make sure to check those out as well! No matter which laptop, smartphone, tablet, or electronic device you own, we give you the power to upgrade it with better protection and unmatched style.