Apple iPhone 8 Plus Cases

Apple iPhone 8 Plus cases for your new phablet!

At 5.5 inches, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is significantly larger than the iPhone 8, and was introduced back in 2017. The iPhone 8 scores points compared to the previous models in other areas. For example, the battery life is longer. We not only offer iPhone 8 Plus cases, but also cases for many other iPhone models, such as iPhone 14 Pro Max cases. This means that you can equip your mobile phone with the necessary protection right from the start. With our selection of different iPhone 8 Plus cover models, there is something for everyone.

The hard case - the classic among the Apple iPhone 8 Plus mobile phone cases

With a hard case mobile phone cover from our large range of iPhone 8 Plus cases, you are always well protected! The case fits perfectly on your phone without any restrictions to use. All buttons and connections are still accessible to you when the case is attached. Even with the Apple iPhone 8 Plus case attached, you can use your dual camera, fingerprint sensor, and all the other features of your new mobile phone to the full extent, while keeping your iPhone 8 perfectly protected!

iPhone 8 Premium phone cases and silicone phone cases

The wait is over and our premium cases for the iPhone 8 Plus are finally available! The Premium Cases consist of 2 layers: The first layer sits directly on your smartphone. The durable, shock-absorbing TPU material provides ultimate protection. The actual iPhone 8 Plus case, which can be freely designed by you, is clipped onto it, providing double protection for your smartphone, which is also a cool style accessory thanks to the high-resolution photo printing quality. Last but not least, you can also opt for a silicone case that fits neatly around your iPhone and that we also offer as clear phone case.

Design your own iPhone 8 Plus case or choose a design!

With us, you are completely free to design your Apple iPhone 8 Plus case. You can choose from the incredibly large number of our designs, which can be filtered by categories. Regardless of whether you are looking for marble, floral, or other trendy designs, you will find what you are looking for and use it to decorate your iPhone 8 Plus case. We also encourage you to get creative. You can choose to have your own pictures and motifs printed on your iPhone 8 Plus case with ease. Give it a try!