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Polka Cats Premium Phone Case Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Polka Cats
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Black Cat Premium Phone Case Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Black Cat
Premium Phone Case
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Just in Case - iPhone 7 Plus cases with serious style

Sure, color is a matter of taste. The iPhone 7 Plus therefore not only impresses with great features, but also with new color options. Apple now offers five colors instead of four as with the previous model. In addition to the classics rose gold, gold and silver, you now also have the opportunity to get hold of the iPhone 7 Plus in matte black and diamond black (glossy finish).

No matter which of the five variants you have chosen: We offer you the best iPhone 7 Plus cases to protect your treasure from ugly scratches and damage. You can choose between many different cell phone cases, such as our iPhone 7 Plus hard cases, silicone cases, or our premium cell phone cases.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus cases - your lifestyle, your case!

If your preferences are more long-term with a focus on the optimal protection, our Apple iPhone 7 Plus silicone cases are made for you. Even though the silicone cases are ultra thin, they provide perfect protection against accidents and damage. Our iPhone 7 Plus silicone case is a best-selling compromise between as much protection as necessary and as little weight and size as possible.

If the silicone case still doesn't offer enough protection for your needs, you should opt for our iPhone 7 Plus Premium case, as it offers two-times the protection. Thanks to the double layer, a shock-absorbing effect comes into play in the event of a fall, which can protect your phone from severe damage. The classic hard case mobile phone case is also a very popular model.

Say it with your iPhone 7 Plus case

If you don't feel like having your cell phone look like every other phone case and want to go your own individual way, then you should definitely design your own iPhone 7 Plus case. Creating a custom case with us is a fantastic way to express yourself, and couldn’t be easier.

Of course, we don't just offer iPhone 7 Plus cases. You will also find matching cases for all other models, such as our brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max cases or the iPhone XR cases for the top seller among the previous generation of iPhones.

iPhone 7 Plus Cases - Cases for a top smartphone

In 2007, a good 10 years ago, Apple heralded the triumphant advance of the smartphone with the launch of its iPhone. Hardly any other technology has spread so quickly. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a time without smartphones. With the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has once again outdone itself. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of our digital everyday life, offering convenience at every turn.

In numerous tests, the iPhone 7 Plus scores with high processing speed and waterproof housing. But the iPhone 7 Plus is not only powerful and energy efficient. The innovative double camera should be of particular interest to many.  A clever combination of wide-angle and telephoto lenses offer the possibility of taking phenomenal photos, even under water. In addition, the optical image stabilizer makes it perfect for shooting vlogs and recording videos.