Apple AirPods 3 Cases (3rd Generation)

Biodegradable Black Eco Friendly AirPods 3 Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case
Biodegradable White Eco Friendly AirPods 3 Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case

Sustainable AirPods 3 Cases - The Best Choice for Headphones and the Environment!

Wow! AirPods 3, the third generation of the popular headphones from Apple, have been available since the end of 2021. Once again, there are significant improvements compared to the previous model. A MagSafe charging case, as well as improved playback time and 3D audio with dynamic audio tracking are some of the latest features setting the golden standard for audio bliss. As a cherry on top, they are wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth.

At caseable, we offer you a sustainable version of Apple Airpods 3 cases in which the case can be stowed and thus protects it from scratches and cracks. Just like our AirPods 2 cases, the new version is also available in different colors. And the best thing about it: You keep your ecological footprint small because the cases are sustainably produced.

Switch to sustainability now - with our AirPods 3rd generation cases

Select one of our 3rd generation Apple AirPods cases now and discover all their advantages. The cases are of particularly high quality and look amazing at the same time. You can also rely on our excellent service!

Renewable Materials

The stylish AirPods 3 cases are mostly created from plants, such as corn starch and bamboo, which make them an environmentally friendly option to protect your latest technological investment.

2 Colors to Choose From

You can order the sustainable AirPods 3 cases from us in black and white. In addition, small, brown speckles complete the design beautifully.

100% Biodegradable

With the purchase of one of our AirPods 3 cases, you are actively doing something against waste production. Our cases are 100% biodegradable.

Top-Notch Protection

The case is easy to attach due to the durable material and protects your charging cradle from scratches and breaks.

Plastic-Free and Fast Shipping

Our delivery not only takes place in a few days, but is also free of plastic - another important step towards preserving our environment.

Eyelet as a Secure Mount

There is an eyelet on the lid with which you can easily attach your charging cradle to a keychain, a backpack, or other objects.

Furthermore, we also offer you the same cases as AirPods Pro cases if you are the owner of the Pro version of the Apple headphones, which is also new.

Great Additional Products for Your Apple Devices

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